Neighbor- Tree Cutting Issue (advice needed)

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Angry Neighbor- Tree Cutting Issue (advice needed)

Hey Everyone,

Here is another Neighbor and tree cutting issue but a little different.

I came outside today at our cottage to find a 50 ft Birch tree cut down from my neighbors yard and it fell into/across our back yard (mini forest area).

It has taken out two other trees on our property and no just lies there within our back lot (there are probably 20 trees within the area it fell)

He considers it a small issue and had little concern.

Is he liable to remove the tree now and clean up our yard? How would you deal with this issue? When I approached it, he walked away pissed about other things.

Extra info- Cottage within Kawartha lakes Ontario, Canada
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Welcome to the forums James!

I'm not a lawyer and things might be different in your neck of the woods but I'd think he'd be liable for cleaning up his mess at the least ..... but whether to pursue it might depend on your relationship with your neighbor and how well you hope to get along with him in the future.
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hi, i'm no lawyer but if he cut the tree down i think he would be liable for any clean up and damage he caused, he should get your property back to the way it was before he cut the tree down,if the tree fell on it's own i'm pretty sure he is not responsible although a good neighbor would help to clean it up, good luck
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Isn't it just amazing ...... how fast friends and neighbors can turn into enemies over trees. I can't believe he cut it down and left it on your property. I'm guessing your property is sort of woodsy and he figures it'll just blend in there.

Not to get off topic.... my neighbor from down the street stopped by. He has LOTS of stuff in his yard.... like plants and statues and old relics. The yard is busy to say the least. His neighbors are a little resentful. He was having a problem with a tree behind his house on his neighbors property. The neighbor wasn't interested in the trimming so he started trimming what was overhanging his property. He crossed into his neighbors property to do the trimming and they called the police on him.

You can't win with trees and tree trimming.
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I know if a storm drops a tree in your yard, the cleanup is your responsibility. I would think the best person to answer this question without charging you might be your homeowner's insurance agent because he would likely know or be able to find out whether they would be on the hook for any claim filed for this situation.
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rent a chain saw.... cut up the fallen section and throw it back over the fence.if it was from a storm different situation there...he should of trimmed it back starting in your yard throwing it over into his...I had a neighbor complaining thru the fence when I trimmed his over hang into my yard and I bagged it...go figure...:NO NO NO:
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If he cut down the tree he is responsible for cleaning it up. You would think he would just do it without leaving it in your yard...some people!

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