Cheapest way to remove a fallen tree


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Cheapest way to remove a fallen tree

What is the cheapest way I could cut this up and remove it myself?
My 16in chainsaw is too small. Let me know if you guys need more info.


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Hire 2 day workers & rent a stump grinder. It takes 3 guys to transport a full size stump grinder. That's why I said hire 2 guys. Buy a few axes too. All of you go to work. Then hang a sign, free fire wood.
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I find it hard to believe that a 16" saw is too small. All you have to do is cut from one side, then go around the tree and cut from the opposite side.
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Xsleeper is correct. A 16" bar should cut a 32" dia log. The free firewood is a great option on Craigslist.
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That looks so rotten and it looks like pine, no ones going to want it.
A 16" saw will cut a 32" tree.
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If you have home owners insurance give them a call and let them remove the tree and repair the fence.

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Like the others I see no reason a 16" bar won't work. As Joe said, I doubt anyone would want that tree for firewood [although I have burnt that or worse in my shop stove] Many cities will pick up logs/limbs if they are cut small enough and placed at the curb so you might call the city and see what they say.
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That tree was there when we bough the house. It is pretty rotten, no clue how long its been there. I wouldn't burn it hah.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I guess I don't know how to use a chainsaw... I'll go brush up on YouTube.

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