Garburator On Steriods...


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Garburator On Steriods...

Looking for, Not exactly a Garburator attached to the Kitchen Sink as we are on a Septic Tank.. But something powered electrically that can breakdown Kitchen, Garden, & Yard Waste into a Mulch to speed up the Composting Cycle.. Thoughts & Ideas Appreciated, Cheers Thanks...
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It's best not to have a garbage disposal hooked to a septic tank. Best to throw any type of solid food in the trash or a compost pile!
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Properly done, a composter won't need any help like what you describe. What are you using for a compost bin?
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I think what you're looking for is called a shredder. Many people make them. You shovel leaves and twigs into the top and it chops them into tiny bits. They come in a variety of sizes from small electric up to bigger gas powered models.
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Look on Craig's list under farm and garden.
There's lots of those cheap electric shreaders for sale.
There about useless for any real work, but would work OK for light duty.
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Garburator On Steroids...

@ Chandler.. Presently have a 30"X30"X36" Black Plastic Compost Bin.. Idea is Basically Breakdown the Contents even more speeding up the process is all..

@Pilot Dane... Thanks for The Comeback...

@marksr.. Exactly..

@joecaption... Definitely a Heavy Duty model, Basically to Shred Vegetable Greens, Plants thinned out from the Flower Gardens, & Leafs.... Not the Wood Fiber Variety...

Cheers Thanks

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