Swamp cooler bearing replacement

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Swamp cooler bearing replacement

I have a Champoin 4800DD unit and one of the axle bearings is shot. I have the new bearings and am ready to go, but don't know if it's easier to pull the belt wheel or leave the belt wheel on and pull out the whole axle. Of course, to do that I would need to loosen the squirrell cage clamps to pull the axle out, but have no clue which would be easier. The axle looks pretty rusty, and I hesitate to try to loosen it.

Removing the belt wheel would seem easier, but it feels welded on.... there is a bolt that looks like the retainer mechanism, and I've removed it but... there she sits.

Any advice?
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You sure its just the one bearing. Pull the belt pulley off. If you have some fine wet sand paper use it to clean the shaft so the pulley will come off then clean the shaft behind it so the bearing will slide out.If the shaft is bad get a new one and put it in now. Take the set screw out of the pulley . Turn the pulley with the hole up put WD 40 in the hole and let set for a time.Tap light on the pulley now and then .

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Thanks, ED. I did just that - it's out there soaking in WD 40 as I type and I'll have another go at it this evening. I think your advice to replace the whole shaft is good - the retaining ring at the other end is frozen on as well, so - if I can get it out at all, I'm going to replace it. I'll let you know if I manage it!
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I did end up replacing the axle, ED. The danged thing was so rusty that the squirrel cage would not move along it to allow it to be pulled out, so I had to cut it out. After barking almost all my knuckles, I finally managed to extract it. It's funny, isn't it, that something that takes hours to get apart goes back together again in 20 minutes. But it's running sweetly now.
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Hey Fricka,

You will need to apply some "anti seize compond" on the shaft and other parts so when the next time you can take it apart easier. I would also apply a new coat each year when you do the tune up.
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I've used 3 jaw gear type pullers to get the pulleys off.

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