Repairing a Celsius WF 802

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Red face Repairing a Celsius WF 802

Does any one here know about the Celsius WF 802? I have this machine and cannot seem to get it working. What should I check for and please explain it if it is complex. Thanks a lot.
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More info

Can you say if it ever worked? Is it new or used? Completely dead? Getting power? Fuse? ON/OFF switch in proper position? They sell less than a million a year in the USA and the company that deals with that China company is Cooler King Corp in Duarte CA. I beleive if you GOOGLE them you can get an email address or mail address or telephone number to help you.
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I also have an old Celsius WF802

I also have an OLD Celsius WF802 humidifier. It was stored for ten years and recently reactivated. Surprisingly most of it worked. The humidifier belt that passes through the water bath had stretched and would not turn. An unconventional fix got it working fine. But the motor that drives the humidifier belt through the water bath is making an awful noise. WD40 sprayed all through the little motor has quieted it down but I know it is not long for this world.

Thanks to the response about the distributor for this WF802. I called the listed number and was told that a new company has had that number for over six years and the distributor is out of business.

I have searched the 'net' for days with no luck

If anyone has found a source of a comparable motor or any parts I would appreciate knowing of it.
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I've found a company that lists that model number..... not sure if it's the same unit.
Celsius Cooler(WF-802, WF-802R) - Taiwan Orbit Products Co.

Did not find any USA parts suppliers.
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Robert the Restorer

You can take the motor apart with pliers pulling the sides away from the tbar that turns the roller that turns the belt that rotates with water soaked up into it. Use a small flat head screwdriver to pry the top off.
Then you can see the gears. On mine one of the gear posts had come loose. So I attached it with Gorrila Super glue gel and put the gears back with the springs in place. That is the most commom problem. Be sure to glue it absolutely upright so it will fit into the holes on the tbar plate. Use a small hammer and beat the sides of the motor to secure the t bar plate back in place. Use carberator cleaner spray to clean up before gluing the gear support bar back in place.

The motor is strong and does not fail.its the internal gear mechanism that is the weak part.

Anyone who is a handyman can do this repair. I was given this Celsius WF 802 and now its quiet and blows out 62degree air.
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Thanks for the info Epicstone and welcome, however, this thread is 9 years old and I'm sure the OP has either had the problem fixed or gotten a new one. Either way, they have never come back again.
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