Intermittent frustration

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Cool Intermittent frustration

More and more often, recently my swamp cooler will not turn on.

The water pump turns on, but the squirrel cage does not rotate.

If it starts up it may run just fine for hours and hours and then suddenly stop. It may restart on it's own after about 10 minutes.

Many times it will try to turn but make an electrical noise for about 10 seconds and then stop. In about 10 minutes it will try to rotate the cage again, try for 10 seconds and then stop.

It is an old and huge unit I inheirited. The motor was replaced last year. I have oiled up the bearings through access ports at both ends of the axis of the squirrel cage mounts and they seem wet.Belt is new and appears fine, I am reading they can be too tight and too loose. It does not have much excess play, I am thinking I may loosen it up a bit and see what happens....

The intermittent nature of the not working is the most frustrating part to me

I believe the motor is shutting down to prevent overload, but I can't discern what is causing it to have to work too hard. I entertained the thought that something within the switch is heating up over time and causing a shutdown, but the water pump always has power and the motor will work -seemingly when it wants to -so I feel it is obviously getting the power.

I welcome your suggestions. I can't afford a repairman to come out and not observe the problem and say "It's working fine"

When it is working it does seem to have grown a little louder recently. To me that suggests the bearings are going bad? But if I knew what I was talking about I would not be on here...
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Red face It was the motor again

It was indeed the motor, the quietness of the new one is incredible.

3/4 high 1/4hp low motor at Home Depot about $95. Very easy to swap over the 5 prong wiring plug from the old motor to the new. Took me about 10 minutes and I am not particularly handy. Swapped over the pulley attachment with an allen wrench head screw-again not at all difficult-do not pay someone to do this-look it over well and take your time if uncertain. Make little diagrams or digital photos to remind you of how the old looks as you transition to the new.

Compared to my one year and one week old motor for $297! this motor is whisper quiet and obviously "well balanced" Just out of warranty. Ridiculous, but I had to have it. My home hits 88 degrees lately while I am away at work. Yes, I will be planting some trees strategically placed to cut down the sunlight that reaches the house

Install of the motor itself back into the swamp box was also very easy-2 screw down collars to remove and replace-loosen the belt pulley bolt adjuster to the motor mount so it can swivel to accomadate the belt and adjust the tension so there is a small amount of play/give in the belt length, squeeze it from one side to try to touch the other,. Should have about 1/2 inch or so of freeplay and not stretched taut the entire distance of travel.

I will gladly help anyone who is having recent trouble, I have learned almost every single system involved in the modern swamp cooler.

I should rent myself out during the heat waves....

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