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Bonaire Durango, Dry Pads and Poor Customer Service

I have had my Durango for about two years now and I think it is a great cooler! Bonaire's customer service, on the other hand, leaves lots to desire. My original goal was to respond to someone on another Bonaire Durango thread, but it was closed. So here we are and MtNmOMmA, if you see happen to see this, you aren't the only one that is ready to pull one of their agents through the phone and throttle them.

I called the customer service number not to really complain, but to just get more information and see if I had done something or maybe I discovered an issue with the cooler. See the cooler works great, many a night my wife is wearing a sweater, and we live in Las Vegas, but if you get a flashlight and view the pad through the exhaust grill, you can see that the very top 2 inches or so are not wet. When viewed from the outside, it is wet, as it should be. Like I said, I called customer service to inquire and the gentleman that answered the call basically called me a liar and then told me that I needed to get off the line if there was nothing else. To this day, I am still in disbelief that that phone call took place.

Has anyone else had this issue with the pads or have any ideas what could be causing that section to be dry?

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I've noticed it before also. I'm not crazy about their customer service either.
As long as the outside of the pad is wet, I wouldn't stress too much on it.
Bonaire is a little bit weird on their two window units. They sell them at Home Depot and they offer two sizes and two prices but when you tear them both down, they are identical, right down to motor horsepower. Hmmm.
When I called Bonaire and challenged them, he said the bigger cooler uses a different capacitor and makes it run a little faster. I don't know if I buy that or not but the bigger cfm cooler is about 50 bucks more than the smaller cfm unit.
I kinda call bs on the whole thing

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