fascia board angle and gutters


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fascia board angle and gutters

Hi there,
so i've built myself a nice little detached 2 car garage (6/12 roof pitch with asphault shingles). when i called for the roofing/siding inspection, they said i needed to install gutters.
my fascia board is not vertical, it angles in, as the ends of the prefab trusses were not cut to make a vertical end. is all hope lost? can i install vinyl gutters on a fascia board that isn't vertical? would it even come close to passing code (denver)? could i shim/wedge something under the gutter hangers to make it more vertical? or am i looking at pulling it all apart to get at the trudss ends?
the inside edge of the gutter is rolled over to allow the hangers to slide on. Is this a problem not to have the inside edge of the gutter slipped under the drip edge?
thanks to anybody who can help me and all my convoluted questions.
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I don't know about the code in your locale. The inspector might be able to answer that question.

For gutters on angled fascia, you might install a wedge to prop the gutter out. Such as:


My garage has angled fascia. I hung the gutter with the long screw fasteners and let it hang from there leaving a space behind the gutter. It works.

Hope this helps.
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Hello: Andy

Wouldn't know the code requirements there either. however, the shim behind the gutter method works. Saw a house recently that had the same condition.

Contractor used lathing strips behind the gutters to hang them level. Hung the custom cut to size and pre painted strips down the fascia so they would be levle to the bottom of the gutters.

That solved the problem and resolved the space condition between the gutters and the fascia. When looking upwards one does not see the space behind the gutters.

Looks neat & clean. Especially since the house is huge and a two story single family dwelling. Walking around it and looking up and seeing a space or gap between the two would not look as good.

My Two Cents
Regards & Good Luck
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