Aluminum or Vinyl Facia and Soffit?


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Aluminum or Vinyl Facia and Soffit?

Getting ready to remodel the house and will replace all the facias and soffits.

Question? Anyone have a real good idea of which is better, worse or which is desireable under what circumstances?

No salt water too close so aluminum corrision isn't an issue.

The price isn't much of a consideration.

Thanks for any input.
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I have installed a lot of both types of soffit, and my preference is aluminum. Especially if the soffit is 2ft or more. Vinyl soffit is flexible and can come unlocked in high wind situations, or even blow out, depending on how it's been nailed. Vinyl j-channel is flexible, so it's often hard to get it arrow straight, whereas aluminum j or f channel is quite easy to install perfectly straight. I prefer to staple my soffit on, which you can't do with vinyl- you have to nail it loosely with roofing nails. Therefore, its faster to put up aluminum in my opinion.

Vinyl fascia is a joke and I refuse to use it.
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I second that


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Sure, you guys put me in the spot to go the otherway for more insight

My vote would be for vinyl. Cheap, waaay easier to work with and when installed properly you wont have any problems. Any time I run my J or F channel for soffit I snap a chaulk line and use that as a guide and they always come out as straight as when I use aluminum J. I've also in a pinch used 1/2" aluminum J and installed the vinyl soffit into it as well. The J/F channel will all be covered so you cant see it when doing a siding job so it's of no concern to me what material the J/F is so long as it's run straight.

Aluminum has a bad tendency when your cutting it with a skill saw to want to buckle/bend, then you have to take and spread apart the slot where the next peice of soffit wil fit into it since when your cutting the soffit, it will pinch that area shut. You can run longer spans without furring stripes with aluminum as opposed to vinyl, BUT it also depends on what type of vinyl soffit you get as well. Standard vinyl soffit can only safely span 2' while the certainteed ironmax series you can go 4' no problem since the design/shape is beefier than standard.

I have always installed vinyl with a pneumatic stapler, no offense, but if I had to nail/screw any soffit I would not make any money since it's time consuming. The whole trick to do it properly is using name brand soffit, getting the right stapler, staples, and setting the psi so your not driving the tip of the stapler through the soffit material which makes it implode I've used standard staple gun (pnematic that shoots staples like in your desk top stapler) and that works the best since it's such a fine wire and spread apart. During the summer I use crown staples. Same with aluminum being hung with the staples as well, just be sure to put staples across the front in at least 2 spots so the peice will not twist in high wind situations. In 14yrs I've never been called back to any fascia job due to any of it blowing off/away.

Plus vinyl won't cut your fingers when working with it
In my position, I dont make as much per hour running aluminum as opposed to viniyl, I've never had any problems with vinyl so naturally will choose the material that will make me the most money. If a customer wants aluminum, price goes up naturally since it has to even out somewhere
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I would go with vinyl soffit since it is easier to work with.But definately go with aluminum fascia.Vinyl fascia looks terrible imo I won't even consider using it.
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Another vote for vinyl soffit[where applicable] and definitely aluminum fascia.
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I know some folks use pressure treated lumber for fascia, so I'll put this out there.

The new Arsenic free pressure treated lumber is not compatible with aluminum coil. While I have not (yet) had call backs, many of the other contractors I speak with have been going back and seeing the coil literally being eaten away by the new chemicals in the new lumber. They're fix for now is to wrap the pressure treated with 2-3 layers of building wrap then recap, wont know until next year if that's a solid fix or just keep that in mind.
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