Can I do it alone? (Siding)


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Can I do it alone? (Siding)

I'm planning to put either vinyl or aluminum siding over our existing masonite siding on our house. I'm relatively good with do it yourself type stuff but was wondering if a person can do this alone or if you need a helper. I'm more the independent type and like to work alone but wasn't sure if the panels are too fragile and long for one person to handle. The majority of the house work will be no higher than stepladder height but there is one side of the house where I suppose I'll need scaffolding if that makes any difference.
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a helper is always good to have.
4 hands better than two.

good luck

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When I first got going I was independant and sided hundreds of houses by myself. Steel, vinyl, aluminum so it can be done, but I'll tell ya, having a helper sure helps the process a bunch, whether it be them cutting the pieces while you are nailing, helping lock flimsy peices where you have to cut out a section to clear a window, or just picking up the mess, a helper when siding is a big benefit-especially if you are working off a ladder, the ole back and legs get tired in a hurry going up and down all day.

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A helper would be a good idea. If for no other reason than to hold the other end of long pieces. Might keep you from getting agravated when the siding flops around.
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always nice to have a goofer around
go for this go for that

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I concur with what everyone is saying regarding it being beneficial to have a goofer/helper. However, if your case is such that you have no option but to do it by yourself, don't be overwhelmed by the job. Vinyl siding is very simple to do. The pieces are light weight. They're really only a pain to handle when it's windy.

If it's windy the vinyl will catch the wind and can fold in half (not too ideal). But if it's windy, just use common sense and walk with the piece of vinyl into or away from the wind, never perpendicular and you'll have no problems. If you're siding a side of the house during wind which is perpendicular to the wind, shouldn't be a problem because when you're installing the vinyl it'll be near the house so wind should be able to catch and fold the vinyl.

Otherwise, doing it yourself is quite simple and for me how I like to side because I like to work hard, quickly, and for a long period of time. But very important to keep in mind when vinyl siding is to understand how to do it before jumping into it. Just take a day or two reading over the manual released by the Vinyl siding institute (about 100 pages of tips, tricks, suggestions...). It proved very helpful for me.

One big suggestion that I inadvertintley found through researching the howtos of vinyl siding: install your pieces so that if you have mulitple pieces in a course, make sure that each piece over laps the following one in the direction of the wind. For example, where I live wind is perdominately from the West and the North. So for the West side of my house it was important to start from the South end of the West side and overlap each successive piece moving North on the West side. This way the overlaps are not seen by the wind and the overlaps act like a slide for the wind rather than a parachute. This will help when the strong winds come from the West/North and will limit the chances of my siding being ripped off by the strong winds.
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I install siding by myself all the time, its easy if most of what you are doing is one story tall.

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