How to replace bottom 2 courses of masonite?


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How to replace bottom 2 courses of masonite?

Bottom 2 course of garage siding and bottom 4" of sheeting rotting.

Plan: Stop water issue, replace the bottom 1' of sheeting, replace bottom 2 courses of masonite siding.

How can I replace bottom courses without damaging the above courses (pry out or cut out), and should I install a flashing or house wrap between new 1' of sheeting and siding?

Thanks, john
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Cut the siding with a skilsaw just below the piece you intend to leave. Try not to cut too deep and cut your sheathing. Just cut deep enough so that you score the siding and can break the old masonite off.

You should then be able to take a prybar and carefully pry behind your siding and loosen your nails. If the nails don't come out easily, you will probably do damage to your siding, so as an alternative... if the nails don't come out, you can:

Take a reciprocating saw with a long blade, cut the nails off that are in the piece of siding you intend to save. Since you will have a scrap of old siding that is still behind there, you will need to cut it off of the nails too. (2 cuts for each nail- one cut behind this scrap, one cut in front. Once they are cut, that scrap should fall right out. Sometimes, after all that, the nails will have come loose, but if not, don't worry about it. The bad thing about Masonite is that if any paper gets torn, it's bound to start rotting there. Caulk any torn spots and paint once the caulk is cured.

Regarding the building paper, it certainly wouldn't hurt, but it will only be effective if there is already some building paper on there that you can tuck it under. If there's nothing on there, then something is better than nothing.
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There are class-action lawsuits going on currently with Masonite siding that you can become a member of. It will take a few years until any payments are made and even then they will be small but you may get a couple of thousand a few yrs down the road to make other siding repairs that can and will come up with your Masonite siding. Louisiana Pacific brand had just finished up their siding settlement and paid out over 900 million in damage claims.

I assume you are prob using Hardi Plank to make the repairs too. Good stuff. Their web site has all the install and moisture barriers etc. etc. instructions.
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it's sad, but people around here are still ordering masonite clapboards. try as i might to dissuade them, they refuse to look at the future where they'll be ripping it all down and usint cemplanks. a shame, really...
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