LP Smartside Siding ?


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LP Smartside Siding ?


Regarding the LP Smartside Paneling by Louisiana-Pacific:

I read that several years back, and even fairly recently, there were many lawsuits regarding their T1-11 type of paneling products. Not too sure why, but think it was due to de-laminationg.

Was wondering what the consensus is here regarding their present day products like "LP Smartside" ?

Have they gotten their act together, fully, by now, or is still a good company to avoid ?

BTW: still trying to learn about T1-11, as I have several panels that need replacement.

Anyone happen to know if any mfg. offers this
stuff pre-primed ?

Are there different "quality levels" of ?

Any single mfg generally thought of as to offering the best T1-11 ?

Is 303 the same as T1-11 ?

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First of all lets all have a T1-11 lesson. T1-11 is a wood design, and not a product. The design is a grove 1" wide, and 11" between the 1" groves. T1-11 comes in plywood, masonite, cement board, paneling, etc. The problem you are speaking of had to do with masonite siding and usually the 12" wide panels. Chemicals were mixed wrong and hundreds of thousands of boards were affected. There were other brands also, GP, Boise Cascade etc. Then on top of everything else, most of it was installed incorrectly thus causing water to get inside the boards.
This installation problem still exists but there is no warrenty if not installed exactly as the directions say. There is nothing wrong with the LP Smartside or any other competitor products.
On and by the way you said "did they get their act together yet". Just so you know, it was never the fault of the manufacturers. It was a chemical company fault.
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LP Smartside Siding ?

It was the fault of the manufacturer. I assume they knew how their product should perform and how to make it.

Assuming the products are really satisfactory when made properly, here are possibilities:

1. They may have chosen the wrong supplier(s).

2. They may not have bothered to check the materials they bought. - Everyone on this forum checks to see if what they bought is good enough or what they expected.

3. They did not have a a good enough quality control and/or quality assurance program or they fell on their face and did not implement it.

4. They advertise their good name, but plead ignorance or blame suppliers.

In the end, they developed the products, made them and sold them. If they got into the market and had premature failure, it was because of them (the manufacturer). Many people suffered a loss and never were compensated for it.

It is quite simple; If you screw up, you are at fault - major manufacturer, contractor or DIYer.

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Concrete Guy:
How dare you question what I know to be true and factual. You do not know a thing about it. I have kept quiet after several of your outbursts in the past. but this time I am letting you know that you are wrong. If you have input about the question asked, then you can answer that as I did. But you do not have the right to tell me I am wrong, when you don't know a thing about it. Now if you were a contractor that built houses in the middle 80's as I was, you would know the correct story. You would have all the documentation, and how and what happened. Just so you know, I not only know exactly what happened, but I am one of several in the US who has the authority to settle a siding claim from this product.
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LP Smartside Siding ?

Jack -

I am sorry to be so ignorant and inexperienced.

In the the middle 80's, I had already had over 20 years experience with dealing with design, construction, building materials, materials standards (specifications and testing), product failures and product liability.


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