Can I caulk it?


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Can I caulk it?

I have concrete-fiber reinforced siding on my house. I also have tiny black ants inside the house, in the houseplants. I keep the house immaculately clean; and the yard is actually ant-free (I stay on top of that)...but they just keep coming in for the houseplants, and it's driving me nuts.

I believe the ants are coming into the house via the gap between the bottom of the siding and the foundation of the house. Is there supposed to be a gap there? Can I seal that gap (with expandable foam or caulk or something) to keep bugs out, or would that be "bad for the house"?
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If the bottom of the siding is sealed, then the condensation will become trapped and encourage mold and mildew and cause moisture problems. There are insecticides for treating house plants and soil for insects. There are ant baits like Terro that can be placed where ants travel. Baits get carried back to the colony where they kill other ants. A regular perimeter treatment of residual insecticide on foundation, siding above foundation, and surrounding surfaces tends to keep insects at bay. Seal around doors and windows and where pipes and wires enter the home. Seal around pipes under sinks. Seal gaps and cracks in foundations. Make sure doors and windows seal properly when closed.

Most ant problems in houseplants are usually a result of ants being brought in via new houseplants or potting soil. Ants also like to feed on honeydew excreted by aphids. Inspect houseplants for aphids and treat both plants and soil with houseplant insecticide. Eliminating ants nesting in houseplants can be a challenge as ants can be in egg or larvae stage and continue to develop into mature ants.
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