Falling Timber Retaining Wall

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Falling Timber Retaining Wall

Although this wasn't a do-it-yourself project, I need some advice. I recently paid someone to replace a timber retaining wall which had rotted. The wall was 3.5 ft. tall and 27 ft. long and had an adjoining smaller and shorter section that went back at a right angle (both walls supporting the same section of fill dirt). The original wall had dead men. (I chose to go with timber rather than stone because of several other similar walls on the property.)

Although the contractor priced the job using dead men on the 27 ft. wall, he "consulted with an expert" (after seeing the difficulty of putting them in) and reported that they would not be necessary! He also used boulders instead of timber where the original adjacent wall had been, which he assured me would help secure the adjoining wall. After the job was completed (without dead men), I realized he had built the new wall about 7 inches back from the original wall rather than in the original place up against the settled fill dirt.

It rained heavily, and three days after the job was completed the wall had moved significantly away from the fill dirt. The contractor wants to "make it right" and "has some ideas" which I haven't yet heard but I feel sure will involve using this poorly constructed wall.

Can you give me any input as to how the existing wall might be salvaged or whether the project needs to be started over? Is there any way other than dead men to secure such a wall; i.e., concrete footing, etc. I feel the project needs to be started over from scratch, but I need some authoritative advice to convince the contractor!

Thank you

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Falling Timber Retaining Wall

Did you have a contract or a written proposal to REPLACE the existing wall or to just build a timber wall?

Did you talk to the expert or does he have a statement from the "expert" saying the deadmen would not be needed.

If they were there in the first place, I would assume they were needed, so amother wall of the same height, length and type of soil would need the the deadmen.

Was there any drainage provided behind the old wall or the new wall?

He priced it out with deadmen. Did he give you a credit for eliminating them?

It sounds like he was cutting corners and got caught with a rain before he could get far enough away.


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