Installing vinyl over wood soffits & porch ceilings

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Installing vinyl over wood soffits & porch ceilings

I am planning to side my house in vinyl -- including vented vinyl soffits and porch ceilings. I live in the mountainous southern woods, an extremely humid climate that's very hot in summer but can be cold and icy in winter.

The exisiting soffits and porch ceilings are plywood and have never been vented. In addition, the porch ceilings have no attic space, and the plywood is installed against the rafters.


Should the plywood of both, or either the soffits or porch ceilings, be removed before installing the vented vinyl?

-- Or would it be sufficient to cut 2-inch saw holes periodically in the plywood, and install the vented vinyl over the wood? If so, how often or how far apart should these holes be made?

After ensuring the blown-in insulation in the attic is not blocking the new soffits, can I then expect an improved attic environment -- better cooling/heating?

I have one chance to do this, and I want it to be right! Advice here at Do-It-Yourself in the past has been right on -- and I thank you all for thoughtful replies. Rosie
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Not sure how far south you are, but we usually cut rectangular holes in the soffit at regular intervals of a size that matches the area of ridge vent you have. There should be no insulation in the soffit area, so hopefully that has been take care of. Then we install vented soffiting materials. As far as the porch, does the air space connect to the main part of the house? Have you considered reframing it to make it a flat ceiling? You could remove the plywood, frame it up flat and add R19 or R38 insulation batts with wire supports and your vinyl soffiting material.
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Reply to Chandler re Installing vinyl over wood...

I am in the Ozarks Mountains of North Arkansas... a very humid climate year-round, hot in summer and cold in winter. Both the front and back porches of this old farmhouse were added later; there is no air space connecting to the main attic. I assume since that is the case, reframing and adding insulation to the porch ceilings would be futile.

So you think the holes would be sufficient for ventilation and it's not necessary to remove the plywood soffits and ceilings? It has been suggested to alternate the three-ridge sections of soffit and ceiling material... one unvented and the next vented. What do you think? Thanks for your opinion.
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In my opinion the more vent you have on the soffits the better. I would use all vented on the soffits. The price is the same here. The ridge vent will only draw all it can so if you have too much soffit area it does not hurt anything. Then if the insulation does block some it will draw from other places. If the porch is not open to the attic then I see no use in venting it at all. You could just use siding to cover the ceiling plywood already there. If you want to try to vent this area then you would have to build a drop ceiling and vent on the sides near the top. Then of course the bottom would have to have vented soffit material to allow the cooler air into the ceiling.
My 2 cents.

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