corrugated metal siding

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corrugated metal siding

I'm thinking about using galvanized corrugated metal for siding on a part of my house (for a number of reasons including architectural/aesthetic, cost and environmental) and wondered if anyone here has any experience/tips/tricks to impart. As I currently have it planned out it essentially will work as a rain-screen wall, with a thin vented airspace between the siding and the sheathing/wrap. I'm particularly interested in any ideas about how to deal with a window penetration, ie. flashing, etc. what with the corrugated surface to deal with.
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I don't work with that type of siding a lot, but when I do, what I've done is made a slit in the metal on the top left and right sides of the window so that you can insert a drip cap. The drip cap is more like an "L" that is wider than the corregated metal and the j-channels that are below it. If the metal is left loose (unscrewed), j-channel can be inserted on the bottom and sides, then metal can be pulled out slightly and the drip cap can tuck into the slot you've cut on each side. It can then be pushed down tight onto the side j-channel, and can be caulked.

Looks kind of like this:


You caulk the top of the drip cap to the corregated metal so that water can't run off the ends and behind the metal. And while I mentioned "j-channels" we have actually custom bent something that fits tighter than a j-channel so that those edges can be caulked and sealed as well. If you don't seal the sides somehow, water can get in at the bottom left and right corners.

Not sure that explanation is clear, but it's the best I can do describing something that's "easier done than said."

Maybe someone else has a better technique I can learn from. When I have to put windows into metal buildings I always have to scratch my head and wonder why those buildings don't leak like a sieve at penetrations.

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