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Hardi Board installation - Contractor is using vinyl for trim and corners?

Hardi Board installation - Contractor is using vinyl for trim and corners?


Old 12-14-07, 08:27 PM
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Hardi Board installation - Contractor is using vinyl for trim and corners?

New Construction..... My contractor "convinced" me that vinyl is the best thing to use for the trim and corners for a hardiboard install....anyone ever heard of using vinyl with hardiboard?

I see a lot of vinyl sided houses using white corners and trim but not sure i;ve ever seen a cementboard sided house trimmed like this.........

Thanks for any advice. FF

see 1st and 2nd pictures

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Old 12-14-07, 08:43 PM
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Oh boy, no. Yes I've heard of it, and IMO, no it's not a good idea. Leaving it hang long like he did looks terrible. It's probably easier for him, but you can't caulk the end, cobwebs, dirt, bugs get inside the vinyl corner, a weed wacker or a hailstorm can break the vinyl corner and then what. It's kind of hard to replace the vinyl corner without tearing off all the siding. Even harder to paint the siding in the future and not get paint on the vinyl. I'm not sure what posesses people to do this. James Hardie may not even warranty the siding if it's installed in that manner, since it would allow moisture behind the siding at the corner posts. That would be a question for them via their website.

BTW, what is the exposure of your lap siding. (how many inches from one row to the next?)
Old 12-15-07, 03:48 AM
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I don't even see where it could be any easier to use the vinyl than to do it right. I like the look and longevity of either 4/4 or 5/4 Miratek for corners and trim depending on your lap profile. Unless he is hedging against making his final cuts fit close, not sure why he is opting for the vinyl.
Old 12-15-07, 04:42 AM
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My first reaction is this is'nt right, but let's look at the options first the vinyl corner can be cut off, not a problem bus,dirt,things like that not a problem you can get that with vinyl siding,on the other hand if the siding is caulked aginst a corner you eliminate that problem, as far as water getting behind the siding you have that with vinyl, vinyl does have weep holes so the water can get out, the main thing here is will the manufacture warant the product. I'm sure the reason the builder did this is speed first he does not have to build a coner, then he does'nt have to cut his siding to perfection,I agree with xsleeper that if the corner gets damaged now you have a problem , at that point you would have to cut the corner off and replace with wood or whatever mat. you want then caulk. The main thing is will it be warranted. Pianting becomes a problem also. In this case you have to wiegh the pros and cons and go with your best judgement.
Old 12-22-07, 09:17 AM
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I'll throw another vote in the NO box. That is not the proper way to trim the siding out. Not to mention Hardi is a permanent siding, while the vinyl will get brittle and will need replacement down the road.
Old 12-27-07, 01:29 PM
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Thanks for all of the replies on my post. I went to a few open houses in my area that had hardi board siding. All of them had the 5/4 on outside corners of miratek or cement board of sorts but also to note that half of them used vinyl on inside corners and notably on the window trim areas.

From a distance the miratek corners looked good but the closer I got the joints/seams looked a bit "shoddy" and caulking was already showing signs of gaps. I'm sure all of this is relative to the installers workmanship.

As far as my build the vinyl corners and trim with the hardi board siding looks neatly done and nice clean lines from a distance and up close. I know what you mean on vinyl getting brittle with time and I have butchered it with my weed eater at my other house but this is high enough above grade that should not be an issue. I may regret in the long run but for now I'm ok with it. I asked my builder if it would affect hardi warranty and he said that it would not.

Thnks again for all of the responses as it is nice to get opinions of others who have experience with installing as well as other home owner opinions.
Regards. FF
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