Concret Dust on Prefinished Hardie Siding

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Concret Dust on Prefinished Hardie Siding

I think my contractor got way to much dust on my prefinished hardie siding when he installed it. We used the Timberbark color. Some things I know he did when he installed it were:

1) Removed the plastic film immediately entirely then he cut it and hung it. I think he should have peeled it back, cut then hung then removed all the plastic wrap. I have scratches that are of course only visible when you are right up on it. For example, 5' away you can't see any. Get up within 1' and you can. Can only see high scratches via ladder.

2) Cut too close to the house on windy days. I witnessed this first hand and the dust was blowing directly on the siding.

3) He did not clean/wipe down siding until the job was done. Took about 4 weeks to do job. We obviously had some rain during this time.

Now, I have areas that have a lot of white concrete dust. He has made 2 attempts to wipe down with dawn detertgent and water per Hardie recommendations. While better, it is not looking like it did when the plastic was peeled off.

I have not paid my final payment and told him today I will not pay it until we get the issue fixed. I feel part if not a lot of the house may need painting. I do not want to do this on brand new pre-finished siding. He has agreed to get a Hardie rep out to look at it b/c he thinks it may be bad siding. I know this is not the case. BTW, he did use circular saw when cutting(approved blade by Hardie) but this does create a lot of dust. The final payment is probably enough to cover painting the entire house but I'm sure he is not going to be willing to do this unless Hardie tells him he messed up.

Any ideas on cleaning this stuff. I am very depressed at this point. Thanks
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Hi. We are a siding contractor that deal mostly in Hardi Board. Here are a few tips that might help.

To cut the boards we use a shear. Ours is the Magnum shear from Bullet Tools. It leaves a very nice, clean edge and best of all, NO DUST. Tell your sider to read the warning labels on the outside wrapper of a lift of Hardi. It states that inhilation of the dust WILL (not maybe) give you cancer! Then tell him to get a shear. We do use a jig saw with a tile blade in it for the intricate cuts that does make dust, but not near as much as a chop or table saw.

To remove dust, I have had very good results using a "microfibre cloth" from Norwex. Try it dry at first and if that doesn't work, make the cloth damp, not soaking wet! There is a right and a wrong way in using and cleaning microfibre cloths. There are other brands out there but I'm familiar with Norwex. If you haven't heard about them, you can find them on Google. Dirt gets trapped in the fibres of the cloth and holds onto the dirt rather than spreading it around like ordinary cloths do. Try and find a person who deals in selling these cloths, they will educate you on how to properly clean the cloth and how to use it.

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