Re-siding a brick options?


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Question Re-siding a brick options?

We have a 1970s brick home in arid Colorado. The brick is We need to replace the soffitt, facia and other trim boards on the house and also want to reface the brick, without removing it. The three options we are discussing are: Applying stucco and stone finishes directly to the brick (per man. inst'), furring out and installing Hardie Shingle Siding, and finally furring out and installing Cedar Siding, perhaps Shakertown panels. We are leaning toward the furring and Hardie approach, but I am deeply concerned about the looks of th windows and doors after a 2x4 furring. Is this really necessary? Can we use 1x4s instead? Any other advice? Thanks in advance.

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Although I thought that I would never recommend it, I would suggest that you also consider another permanent change to the brick: paint. It would address your primary concern: the color. It avoids all the adaptations from furring and adding siding.
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There are also thin cementinous coatings that can be sprayed onto the surface of the brick that will retain the texture of the brick and mortar while changing the overall color... which might be a better option than paint.
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I like the "paint it" idea... By far the least expensive and least trouble, and no limits re: color unlike other choices.
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I am currently doing construction administration on a school addition project. We couldn't come close to matching the existing brick color, so we specified a stain to make the existing brick match the new. The subcontractor literally used a small roller and rolled the stain on each brick without touching the mortar joint. Because the new brick on the addition was a blend of colors, they even had 3 different colors of stain to create a blend in the existing brick. It turned out GREAT, far better than I had imagined. If I recall it cost something like $2.50/SF. If you're interested I can look up what the stain was that we used. Definately would be a DIY job if you have lots of patience.

BTW, if it had been me out there staining each individual brick, you would have had to put me in a padded room
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Paint not an option

Thank you for the responses. I guess I should have left some additional detail. We made some structural changes to the home, including moving and changing the sizes of windows and doors. The new walls do not have a brick exterior, for obvious reasons, so the paint or stain ideas, albeit creative, will not work for us. At this point we have eliminated the stucco thought due to the risk of working with different substrates no to mention the difficulty of installation in our climate (high elevation). So were going with siding, likely james hardie. So the questions that remain are...what type and size furring do we need to install, how far of center, what needs to go between them and what kind of moisture barrier and/or house wrap is required. I mainly wnat to ensure that I am educated in speaking to contractors and go in with some strong advice. Thank you!
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with out pics i would say demo the brick, windows and doors will be a head ache! you might not like the outcome and are stuck! or have your contractor mad by asking him to try something else. the fear of leaving a ledge to catch rain and snow could lead to water damage, plus it is'nt easy tying trim to brick, fastners could look ugly. you could save by doing the demo yourself and hire a person to haul away the material, or find someone who needs fill material.
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