Question about stucco patch


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Question about stucco patch

Hi there,
We just did a copper repipe and we had to tear open a good amount of stucco. I am trying to figure out the proper way to install the new tar paper into the patch. I have come across several sites that say that when dealing with the new tar paper, the top piece needs to go under the existing paper and the bottom piece needs to overlap the existing paper. Makes sense. What doesn't make sense to me is how to overlap the top piece (which is behind the existing paper) with the bottom piece (which is over the existing paper). The top piece cannot go behind the bottom piece because that would be improper, but it is not possible to put the bottom piece behind the top. I drew a schematic to better illustrate what I am talking about. The grey rectangular is the hole to be patched. The dashed lines indicate the new paper is behind the existing paper.
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You must twice slit a paper edge somewhere, whether you use one or two patch papers.

There's no perfect way to do this.
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I am confused here, this repipe was done from the exterior of the building?
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I do this a lot. It is important that the paper be installed shingle fashion so the top piece always laps over the one below it. On the sides it is not so crucial which laps over which but practically it is often easier, depending on the location of the studs to put the new behind the old. Some roofing cement helps hold it in place.
I guess I should back up. Are you in a part of the country where there is no sheathing behind the stucco? If so put the paper behind if possible. If there is sheathing then break the stucco back from the hole and leave the wire in place then bend the wire back and slide the paper over the existing paper.
In real life what I do is use extra paper. I make sure that the paper laps on the sides and make sure that it laps shingle fashion on the top and bottom. This is sometimes a little hard to do on the bottom because you have to break a little stucco to get the paper exposed without tearing the paper.
In other words, I usually use three pieces or more of paper to get a hole dry. One each on the left and the right going on top or or behind (preferably behind because you can often get more lap depending on the relative positions of the edge of the hole and the studs{if there is no sheathing}) then a piece on the bottom to make sure I get a proper lap then one on the top to make sure I get a proper lap then one under the new top piece, over the two side pieces and over the new bottom piece.

I think you know what you need to do just don't try to do it with single pieces and remember to think shingle fashion and think like water.

yes, hubochi is right you must make a slit in the existing to get it under on the sides and over on the bottom and behind on the top. It is permissible to use a little mastic on those slits though plasterers are not roofers and think in terms of getting the plaster on rather than gooping up slits.
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Thank you everyone for the input. It was a big help and it worked out.
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