Cleaning Faded Vinyl Siding


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Cleaning Faded Vinyl Siding

Hello guys,
I have a house built in 1994 that has vinyl siding on the exterior the vinyl is really faded and seems to be chalky other than that it is in real good shape. I have tried a couple of different siding washes on it in some small areas and the results are OK but not spectacular. I had a bottle of Goo Gone that I used on a couple of areas to remove some funk and I noticed that it made the siding look shiny and brand new so I wiped a small area down. It really does looks good like brand new siding but now I am concerned that the Goo Gone might make it brittle or something. Has anyone ever tried the GOO Gone?? I had kinda thought about mixing it up with some siding wash and maybe a little bit of bleach and trying it but do not want the siding to fall apart later. Let me know what you think or if anyone has tried the GOO Gone and let me know if there were any adverse effects please. I am doing a google search now on GOO Gone as I understand it you never want to use any type of cleaner that has ammonia in it so that is what I am checking on. thoughts anyone?
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Although its kinda labor intensive, I found that something like ArmourAll really works well at bringing back the sheen of vinyl siding. I did one side of my garage back in VA that took the brunt of the sun, and it still looked nice 2 yrs later when I left. Also made bird crap and bug spots wash right off.

One of the cheaper generic brands would probably work as well. In the gallon sizes it wouldn't be all that expensive.

I think at one time ArmourAll made a housewash, not sure if it would be as effective.
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Goo Gone actually makes a house wash or let me take that back MADE a house wash. I think production was just discontinued. It is in a 32 ounce bottle made to hook direct to your house. I pour the entire 32 ounces into a five gallon bucket of water (actually about 4 gallons of water) throw the original container away and use a long handled brush to scrub the siding with the mixture, then rinse with a water hose. The Goo Gone seems to have something in it that does make the siding have that like new sheen much better than 90% of the siding cleaners on the market. Using it with the waterhose attached as it was intended to be used without scrubbing will give poor results though I have found. Do a google search and call the manufacturer to get a local store that may still have some in stock. I recently bought some at the discontinued price of $5.99 or somewhere close to that if I remember correctly. Good Luck
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to Gunguy45,
dude thank you so much, you really made me curious about the armourall on the vinyl siding. I got to say that that is the absolute best thing that I have ever used, the vinyl siding actually looks better than new I think. I did a small area and then had to go get a few spray containers of the armourall and do the entire house. I just had to get the word out PEOPLE THIS STUFF WORKS.
To the people,
it sounded to good to be true but if you have vinyl siding give it a try. Must be the smartest people in the whole world right here at doityourself.

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