replace clapboard

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replace clapboard

My 27 year old town house has what look like clapboards and I need to replace some.
I think I know how but I cannot find the wood to do it.
I went to Home Depot and everything there is 3/4.
That is thicker than what is on the house. I have a piece and the actual thickness is 3/8 or almost 1/2 inch.
It seems to be made of pressed filler; it is not real wood. I don't think ripping 1/2 plywood is practical.
I am not fussy as long as I can prime, paint and be good to the weather.
Would a lumber yard have something as I have a way to go?
What should I ask for, or what woul you use to replace these boards.
Thank you
P.S. I only have a circular saw so could I snap a line if the board was a litle too big, and put the rough edge underneath? These seem to be about 61/4 wide.
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Are those the pre-finished kind with some kind of plastic locking thing on the back? Metal corners and joint covers?

If so I'm afraid you are out of luck. Not made anymore. Best bet is to find some on a home that is having it removed to be resided.

Good luck.
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Sounds like it could be a fiber cement siding. Try going to a real lumber yard and see what they can offer you.
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If it's smooth it's Masonite lap siding or a similar product of another brand. As mentioned, any "real" lumberyard should have it. It often comes in 12" widths, which you can rip down like you were thinking, with the cut edge up.
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I spoke with a neighbor who is a carpenter and he said the same thing as me.
The lumber yards and Home depots do not carry replacement for whatever was put up here 27 years ago. There were law suits that chased the developer to Virginia where he did the same thing and got caught.
My neighbor found one lumber yard in Kensington MD that carries it and they laugh and tell us they have a secret supplier.
It is exactly 3/8" and is masonite 7" wide. They are not tapered.
Before this I thought of ripping 4x8 sheets of plywood to replace the 3 or 4 pieces I need to replace. I wood use exterior grade, prime it well and paint it well. The rougher side could fit under the overlap.
If I had to do a lot I would get it vinyl sided as it costs $12. for 17'.
The name of the place in Kensington is something like Mizzell lumber and maybe they have a website you could check out to view this product. I tried barons in Gaithersburg and also perrys in gaithersburg.
I don't know if what they are selling it legit because I saw a lot of laww suits about masonite and water damage.
I'm too old to really worry about it and will use a few of their strips if they still have it or use some plywood
Thank you for your reply and I hope this helps explain a confusing situation. try calling your local lumber yards and I'll be this 3/8 masonite siding is not avaiable.

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