Alside vinyl siding

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Alside vinyl siding

I am a homeowner and my husband and I are considering hiring an outside contractor to do vinyl siding. The company we met with using Alside siding with a fullback insulation. Does anyone know what the cost of the material would be (2400 sq ft? I feel as if the price was a little outrageous and if we can purchase the siding directly from Alside we may go that route and attempt the installation ourselves. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forums! Do your homework, as you are, and get more than one estimate. The pre-insulated siding offers no insulation properties to speak of. It makes the siding firmer to the touch, as I am sure the salesman showed you. However, other brands without the insulation will get an unerlayment anyway, so if the cost of the insulated siding is way out there, go with a lesser estimate. Many good quality brands of siding out there, just get those estimates, and have the house measured each time the sales person comes out. Don't let them take measurements from a previous estimator.
Purchasing the siding yourself won't save much money, as the siding installer will have been cut out of the loop and will lose profit. You may not find anyone who will install your purchased product. What if you bought too little, bought the wrong channels? They are the pros and they know what to buy.
DIY siding can be done, but the most important part is the soffit, fascia, corner, and window/door channels, which must be installed first. You will have to rent a 10' metal brake to form the metal to cover the fascia, and wrap the door and window frames. An artist's touch is required for this operation.
If you hire this part out, you can do the rest, no problem. "Level and plumb" are two absolute terms you need to be adept with, and you're good to go. Let us know how the other meetings go.
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Alside Prodigy Siding

Alside's prodigy siding is a fabulous product! It is top of the line and does offer insulation for your home. Alside does only sell to contractors though and it might be difficult for you to make the purchase. And if they do agree to sell to you, the price will be at a higher rate than what the contractor receives because they buy in large quantities and purchase many jobs.
Prodigy is a lifetime warranted product. But, beware. 90% of warranty issues are installation issues and the manufacturer will not warrant products installed incorrectly.
The price your contractor gave you is likely a fair price. If you had other's quote you with the exact same product (Alside prodigy) and where lower in cost...try to compare the estimates apple for apple. What are the labor warranties? Most companies offer solid labor warranties...but they are different from one-another. And...chandler is 100% correct....using a brake to bend aluminum trim for your a true skill. If a contractor has a wonderful brake-man...he may be worth a few extra pennies
Also, a contractor that is chosen will have your sidng up in less than 2 weeks! This will include removal, clean-up, and full installation!
Prodigy, again, is a premium product. There are lesser quality brands out there...that are still good for you home!
Remember that the price per square includes the material (which is expensive and keeps going up each year ), taxes, delivery of the material, all the tools needed, labor, removal of your existing siding, and a wonderful exterior that you can come home to each day!
Siding is your home's curb appeal!!! You can do it yourself, but I would suggest practicing on a shed or some other dwelling before attempting to make your neighborhood statement!
Best of Luck and looking forward to more info!
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prodigy siding

I just had an estimate today for the prodigy siding on a 2000 sq ft house and 2 car garage . leaving the existing 20 year siding on the house ( Masonite board) then adding 3/4 " foam board and then the insulated siding over that .the est was an incredible $22,000 I was in shock at the cost , I had a different guy give me an est on hardie cement board for $18,000...are these guys just fishing for suckers or does this stuff really cost that much...the vinyl guy said I needed about 34 sq's.............
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Were on our thrid house this year removing DIY siding installs. Never hit the middle of the nailing slots, to short a nail was used, nailed to tight. Stair stepping the siding (butting the laps a few inches apart) One 24' section had 9 cut pieces of siding, no tabs in the J moulding over the windows, used 1/2 J instead of 5/8 so all the laps had pulled apart, cut to long or to short ECT.
Personaly I'd never install anything over old Masonite siding. I'd remove it instead. It soaks up moisture like a sponge and will not hold a nail. I''d first would contact Masonite and see if I could get free siding since they have a class action sute againt them for rotting and failing siding.
Second someone would be nuts to try and use that thick a foam under the siding. For one thing Masonite will not hold a nail, and with that thick a layer of foam it will throw off every window and door opening. They would have to build out everyone of them. How would they nail on the J moulding to foam with out crushing it and have it come out crooked.
That insulated siding you were thinking of will still have air leaks at every seam and on the ends, plus it cost about 4 times what a quality siding would cost. Simple fan fold foam installed on the wall before the siding goes on will do the same thing at 1/2 the price.
James Hardee planks will need to be painted and every seam will need to be caulked, plus it cost twice as much as reguler siding.
You may want to go on there web site and down load the installing instrutions, it needs to be installed on a flat soild substrate.
In most cases my company could install 34 sq. of reguler siding on one story buildings for around $10,000 or less including siding at a cost of $80.00 per square.
We just did an 1800 sq. house and a single garage in under a week and that's included the time to remove all the old falling off painted vinyl that was on there before.

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alside coil stock question

I have a customer who has alside antique parchment coil fabricated fascia covers, the paint is flaking off where the metal meets the roofline, he does not want to replace this he wants to see if there is a spray paint avialable that matches the color, anyone know of a commercially avialable spray paint form Lowes or HD that would blend in with the parchment metal?
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Welcome to the forums hutch! I'm not familiar with that product but over the years I've painted a lot of aluminum. The main think is to make sure the substrate is clean! Paint won't adhere well to a chalky surface. Most any paint store can match the color needed. I'd recommend a quality latex house paint in either satin or semi-gloss. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.
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Just to add to what Marksr said, no spray paint will blend in perfectly, even if you were able to find the right color (which I can't - the color was likely called: Alside Antique Parchment). Your best bet is to get a fandex from a paint store and have them mix up a custom color. There's also mycustomcolor dot com, which can put any custom color in a spray paint can. But you'll be better off if you just paint the entire front side of the fascia cover with a brush.

The closest I came to finding a touchup paint was a phone number from an online distributor, touchupunlimited dot com that offers custom paint kits to match almost any vendor.

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