Installation of siding and windows


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Installation of siding and windows


I am preparing to replace the windows and siding on my 1959 ranch. It currently has painted cedar shingles which I am going to remove and replace with vinyl. The sheathing is a type of gympsum board covered with felt paper. Since it is going to be just myself on this it will probably take me many weeks to complete the job.

I have been leaning back and forth between typar/tyvek and 30# felt paper. My biggest concern is the long exposure of the house after I take down the shingles and before the putting up of the new siding. Should I put on the housewrap immediately as I take off the old shingles or hope the old felt paper will be enough protection in the interim if it is in decent shape?

If I put on the housewrap before the old windows come out how would I handle that as I have seen in the installation of tyvek the material cut in a certain way to wrap properly into the rough window openings. Your advice is greatly appreciated as my many hours of reading is not turning up the answers I need.


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Well, if your felt paper is in decent shape, not full of big tears or missing pieces, and it's nailed down well, it should be good enough to last during your construction. Once you are ready to install housewrap, tear off the old felt and install your new housewrap (Typar/Tyvek). The biggest drawback with using #30 felt is that none of the window flashing membranes will stick to it for very long. Once the sun hits it, the membrane will peel off if it is stuck to felt paper. That's been my experience.

Wrapping housewrap into your rough opening is overrated, IMO. Especially with the new window flashing tapes. What you can do is get your housewrap as close as you can to your existing windows, and then once you remove the window, cut 12" off the 9' roll and apply a 12" strip to the bottom and sides... then install the window and install your flashing tape over the window nailing flanges (bottom, then sides, then top), and then apply a 12" wide strip of housewrap over the top of the flashing tape on top, tucking the top edge under your existing housewrap.

If you want to, you could then tape the seam in the housewrap with some housewrap tape.
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Once you have taken off the old siding. I would do this wall by wall. And Install your tyvek or felt, there is a new product on the market that I started using which is a better product , Perma R Products 48100 Synthetic Roofing Felt 4 x 100.
A little more pricey but is a great product.
Also make sure you install a seam tape to all exposed seams. A roll of tyvek tape or a tar based tape work the best.
If you install the house wrap proper and tight, you could go a year with out needing to add the siding, besides it looking like it needs the siding.
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Thanks guys for the responses. Really helpful. I do have another question though. I picked up a roll of 30# felt paper and realized just how heavy that sucker is. Like I had mentioned, The majority of this I will be doing myself. I am starting to wonder if it would be ok to just add another layer of 15# paper over the existing paper which you can see here where I removed a section of siding. Do you think the layers would sit flat enough under the vinyl? I will be using cap nails to help keep the felt from blowing off untill the vinyl goes up. Or should I just rip it down and just find someone to help wrestle with the 30# roll while I hammer in my cap nails? Again, your advice is very greatly appreciated!

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