Removal tool

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Removal tool

1st I love the new site.
I have a townhouse with pressed wood siding.
The nails are the ones that prevent them from loosening or backing out. They are made not to be removed.

This has been a problem in our plans to remove some of the siding and put new one on. Would a shingle ripper do the job or are we stuck?
Thank you
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If they were put up with ringshank or twist shank nails...I can feel your pain. I imagine the best way would be to try to get one side loose and use a sawsall to cut through the nails everywhere else.

Pro's will be around with better advice I'm sure.

pssst...don't tell anyone else you like the new look of the site....most of the old time members really dislike it.
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Vic's advice is spot on. If you take a skilsaw and cut through the siding (the stuff you want to remove) near the nails, you can usually get your reciprocating blade behind the siding to cut the nails. You'd cut the nail BETWEEN the 2 layers of siding to pop the siding (that you are trying to save) loose... then you'd cut the nail behind the back layer of siding so that you can remove that small scrap.

I've also used my Fein Multimaster to cut nails when there is something that I want tosave and have to really be careful with it. Your paper siding might qualify for that... but it really burns up the blades to cut nails with them... so you are better off using a reciprocating saw and fine metal blades (Milwaukee Torch is my favorite brand).
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I would just remove the siding and then beat the nails in flush.
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From the way I read it, the key word was "remove some of the siding". As in, how to remove some but not damage the one you don't want to tear off???

If not, Tolyn, u are obviously right, just rip off with a crow bar and beat the nails down. Maybe I read too much into it.

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