Drilling into stucco, hitting metal?


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Drilling into stucco, hitting metal?

I'm trying to mount an outdoor security camera. The instructions seemed simple enough - drill two holes, mount the camera, done. Unfortunately, when I try to drill through the stucco I seem to be hitting something metal, or whatever it is, my standard cordless drill can't get passed it. Wondering what am I doing wrong, and what would be the correct way to mount the camera? Attached is a photo were you can see a few of the holes I've tried drilling. I'm getting stuck about a quarter of an inch in. My home was built in 2013.
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You need not only drill mounting holes for the camera but you need to bring a cable out too.
Have you addressed the wiring ?

Pretty tough to see your holes. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say that stucco is over cement block or brick.

Rap hard on the stucco..... if it sounds hollow you are hitting something like a stud or pipe.
If it sounds solid.... that stucco is over masonry.
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Could be metal flashing. I'd guess it's your drill bit as a cordless drill should easily have enough power. If you have inexpensive bits, have drilled several holes through stucco may be time for some new ones.

Wireless I'd wager!
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my standard cordless drill can't get passed it.
What size cordless drill? I used 9.6 volt for years and when it died I bought a 19.2 volt - couldn't believe the difference!
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An old timer told me that sometimes when the concrete and bit get hot that it forms a super hard glaze. He told me when the bit quits going in to take a masonry nail and poke it in the hole and hit it a rap and then drill some more. It worked, That must be why hammer drills work. Since it is only a few holes give this a try.
I agree you could be hitting concrete block or poured concrete which is harder than mere stucco. Or you could be hitting a steel column or pipe or something. Sometimes the hoddie made the stucco really rich which makes it harder. That quarter inch is the finish and a little more then the brown coat. It is possible that the stucco is that hard. I've seen it that hard so try the nail poke or a hammer drill.

You are using a masonry bit aren't you? A house built in 2013 in CA likely is thin coat stucco over foam, unless the house is block or poured. A masonry bit should go right through.
If you are hitting steel find out what it is then try a metal cutting bit.
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Isn't there usually an expanded metal lath beneath that stucco ?
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If this is frame construction then probably woven wire lath twenty gauge one inch mesh of seventeen gauge inch and a lad mesh. Even if there is expanded metal lath the drill should either go right through or glance off the steel into the key between the steel of the oath. I doubt if it a flashing or there would be a sign of it. I suppose there could be a nail guard. I can't see the holes in the picture to see if they are spaced such that they are all hitting the same nail guard.
I am guessing extra hard stucco or a concrete block or poured concrete.
Where in CA???
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