Siding meets concrete driveway


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Question Siding meets concrete driveway

I'm replacing the siding around my garage that also meets the concrete driveway. As you can see in my photo, the flashing is bad and I'm pretty sure that wood is way too thick. I was thinking about following the forum post mentioned at the bottom, would this work? I was told that I should add "L" flashing the the bottom of PVC board, and have it extend on top of the driveway.
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You have a lot of issues going on there.
Why is the siding being replaced?
That flashing at the bottom of the trim is doing nothing to keep water out.
The jamb and door stop molding never should have been in direct contact with the concrete, all that did was cause it to rot.
That wooden drip cap is just ugly and acting like a funnel to direct water behind the trim board.
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So what you're saying is, my first wood project (bottom trim and wooden drip cap) was a bad idea?

Because I agree

It's being replaced, as you can see from my terrorizing skills at the time, because water is getting underneath, as are bugs and ... copperheads. Ah, and it's make the siding sitting on top of it rot. The doorstop/jam molding is the garage door and was like that when I moved in. I was thinking of cutting some off, then spreading the concrete sealant over that area like the post I referenced showed.

One part I'm not sure on is if I should stuff the gap area (between the driveway and garage slabs) with foam rods and put concrete sealant over it.

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