Ideas for fixing leak


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Ideas for fixing leak

I need ideas for fixing a leak in my siding. I have a window very close to the roof over a perpendicular wall and I am getting water behind the siding (vinyl). I know this is not an ideal design by any means, but this is what I've got. (See pictures. The two story section is an addition to the one story building.)

The roof is channeling a fair amount of water towards the side J channel on the window on the left which is what I suspect is leaking. You can see in the pictures some measures have been taken to divert water from the area, but it is still leaking (there is water going behind the siding). At one point I even had water in the attic/ceiling of the area to the right. At that time I had some debris on the roof that may have caused the problem at the outside corner there. Don't know for sure.

Anyway, I am looking for ideas for making this more waterproof around the window. I was thinking that the vertical J channel is probably just not going to handle a lot of water coming at it more or less horizontally so maybe I should just re-trim the window with something solid that would complete fill the gap between the window and the facia on the adjacent roof line. Then maybe it could be sealed up better.


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That area where the roof is almost touching the J channel of the window is a toughie. It also looks like the J channel ends short on the roof as well. I would get up there on a ladder and remove the siding in the area to see what's behind. There are special siding tools that allow you to unhook a strip of siding and would allow you to only remove the siding in that area.

After you have the area opened up you hopefully can see what's leaking. I imagine you'll have to do some flashing or install a membrane in that area. Then use the sealing tape used in new construction around windows. Then re-install the siding.
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Wow, there are so many things going on there. Lets take them one by one.

You have a downspout that could be extended right into the gutter below with a couple elbows and extensions. That way none of that water would get to the window.

You have a roof up above with no gutter. So all that water from the roof area above (that's a lot of sq ft) comes down the valley on the roof below. That's just wrong. Add a gutter onto that fascia that has no gutter and pitch it to run to the right, so that NONE of that upper roof water comes down onto the roof below. Those 2 things would probably reduce the amount of water coming down there by 90%.

I also don't believe the diverter flashing is helping, and it won't be needed if you do the 2 things mentioned above.

I don't believe the kickout flashing (below the j-channel) is tall enough do do much of anything. The kickout should be tall enough to act like a dam and long enough to divert water away from the window. (the siding should get slit so the kickout can be taller, and both sides of the siding get caulked to the kickout). The kickout should also dump directly into your gutter. So the kickout could possibly be replaced with one that is made better... The gutter could possibly be longer to catch all that water, provided it doesnt interfere with the casement window operation. If it does, just make the kickout longer.

And then there is the possibility of the wall sheathing (behind the siding) not having housewrap or it not being lapped properly... the window may not have flashing tape protecting the fin... it may not be lapped properly with the housewrap (should be under the housewrap on top). Areas where a fascia dies into a wall are always a problem and have to be done correctly or they fail.

Then at the bottom of the window, a good thing to do is to remove the row of siding that goes around the bottom of the window... in order to flash the bottom of the j-channels with a large piece of metal flashing. The flashing is notched to go up the side of the window (behind the side j-channel and bottom j-channel 6-8 inches) which will shed water coming down the side j-channels out on top of the row of siding below. (where there are weep holes to let it out).

You didn't say exactly where your leak is showing up so I don't know where to concentrate. But those are some good places to start.
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Thanks for all the ideas. To answer some of the questions, there is house wrap and the windows are taped. Are they lapped correctly? Good question.

The leak is showing up behind the siding on the right side of the 2nd picture. If I poke around at the seams in the siding after a storm I will get water dripping out. I did add some more weep holes recently.

Making some changes to the gutters sounds like a good first step.
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