Is it possible to attach wire lath to metal flashing?


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Is it possible to attach wire lath to metal flashing?

I had some roof leaks and hired a roofer for repairs. The repair involved replacing the flashing along a wall to roof connection, so he removed a row of tiles on the roof, then cut and chiseled out the existing stucco on the wall back to the wood sheathing to install the membrane and flashing. Once the flashing is done he installed the cement roof tiles, and put roofing tar on top of the flashing where it meets the old stucco.

His contract does not include redoing the stucco, that's for me to finish.

Now I am wondering, how would I even attach metal lath to the flashing? and will stucco bond to this roofing tar at all? Or do I need to break and remove more stucco or even to the top of the wall so I can attach lath higher up?

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I think if I were doing this that I would break off some stucco a little higher than the mastic. It will be hard to do this in the very back corners. I don't think you can get a bond long term of stucco to the tar. So cut enough of the existing stucco to get rid of the tar. Might be a good idea to cut the tar with a knife so you don't pull it off with the stucco. The lath and stucco is easy. It is very important that you get some new felt or moisture resistant paper BEHIND THE EXISTING paper. Is this open framing or is there sheathing? If sheathing it is easier to cut the stucco with a chisel. You don't want a smooth saw cut edge. This makes it harder to get a god bond with the stucco than a jagged edge but if you attack open framing with a chisel it just keeps cracking farther and farther away from where you want to cut it. It is imperative that you get paper behind the paper that is there and over the flashing. Now once I tried this. I could not get paper behind the existing paper well enough to suit me it was not stiff enough. I used aluminum flashing and worked it behind the paper and over the existing. I think galvanized metal would have been better but it was too stiff. Now think like water. get plenty of under and over lap. To fasten the metal lath use screws Sharp point wafer headed K-lath screws are good if you can get them to penetrate otherwise use drill point screwsDon't screw too near the bottom of the flashing. Keep all your penetrations at or above the nail lines..
Something I might think about were this mine is getting everything dried in then installing an "L" shaped style "A" roof edge along the tile then lath it. It would be easier to stucco to this straight line than to follow the countour of the tile and if the tile need replace they could be slipped out without breaking the stucco.
Once you get a good waterproof installation of paper and lath the stucco is the easy part.

Oh, and since the roofer did not install it put in a kickout flashing at the bottom.
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