Replacing vinyl siding on 30 yo home

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Replacing vinyl siding on 30 yo home

Hoping for some realistic information of what to expect once the vinyl siding company starts to job. The windows in the house were replaced several years ago before we bought it so we know nothing about them. They did a horrible job it seems as around every window the vinyl is cracked and loose and hanging and that is the main reason for having the siding replaced since we pulled it away and saw that the sheathing underneath was starting to rot in many areas around the windows. We want to fix it before even more rot occurs.


Question is this. If all the wood around a window is rotted will the window have to be removed and reinstalled once the wood is replaced? Just want to know what you all with experience see as normal in this situation.

Thanks so much.
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Is that OSB sheeting behind the vinyl?

Not a lot to go on, something does not look right. Typ there is some type of wrap on the house that wraps into the openings which are sealed to provide a path for water.

I''ve never seen brackets on a window, you may have a much bigger issue than just vinyl replacement.

Lets see what others have to say!
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Welcome to the forums.

You've got a mess on your hands. Have you questioned the siders and how they plan to handle this ?
There is no waterproofing around the windows. The OSB sheathing looks like it took on plenty of water.
It looks no underlayment was put on under the siding.
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To do this right the windows needs to come out, all the siding needs to come off, rotted sheathing and most likely the insulation will also be full of mildew.
They saved $100.00 bucks, so can now spend thousands.
I just hate it when I see windows installed that close together!
Your missing the house wrap as mentioned, also there's no window and door tape or flashing under the windows.
Those windows should have had under sill (also know as utility trim) under the windows, not J molding!

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OP reply

Yes, it is OSB sheathing. Been speaking with the siding guys this morning as they just started today. They are also saying they have never seen window bracketed like this. They are asking a window specialist from the company to look at it to give his opinion in a few days. As he is pulling off siding this morning he said that some of the windows have decent wrap, others like the above pics dont. Some have water damaged sheathing, some are fine. So he will replace all the bad wood and if need be take that badly rotting wood around that window and the window out and reinforce where needed with new wood and reinstall the window. No idea how much extra that will add to the bill yet, ughh. I am sure that window specialist will be the bearer of that bad news.

It looks like it is hit and miss where the original builder used flashing around the windows and where they didn't. They didn't use tyvek, they used the black paper on the large area of the walls.

The front, north facing wall looked good when they stripped all the old off this morning down to sheathing so that is good news.

This is the north facing wall that had no water damage after they stripped off the old siding and are in the process of installing the flashing and wrap around the windows.
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OP update

Looks like whoever installed the replacement windows did not put the flashing or tyvek around the windows to seal them from the elements. Just cut out the wrap from around the old windows, put the siding back and left the wood and windows edges exposed under the siding to the elements. Thank goodness we recognized the issue when we bought the house so this was the first thing on our Todo list to address so it looks like we caught it before it rotted out. Just a little water damage on a little of the sheathing but it didn't get all the way through. The insulation under the bad wood is dry and mold free so far.

There cutting out 12 inches from bottom and around the edges of the window. Underneath the sheathing was good and dry.


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