Attaching an awning to aluminum siding

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Attaching an awning to aluminum siding

How do I affix an awning to my aluminum siding wall? Attached images show the main bracket that needs to be attached, the two positions it can be attached to, and the fastener that came with the kit. Before I start punching holes in my siding I want to make sure I'm using the correct fastener or anchor bolt. What I cannot see is what is behind the siding. This is a 1951 ranch in SE Michigan if that helps. What materials or sub surfaces are generally behind AL siding? What type of bolt should I be using if the one pictured is not correct for this application. Due to the AL siding angled surface, should I install a "gasket" between the bracket and the siding? I appreciate any help!

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Not crazy about those fasteners. You would be better off using a lag bolt. A fastener like that would be good in concrete. Not so great in wood.

It's hard for us to know what's behind your siding. There "should" be a solid wood header above the door but nothing surprises me anymore. If there is a header there you could just screw the brackets in until they are tight. You don't "need" anything in the void behind the bracket, as long as you don't overtighten it. All the force is going to be pulling down/outward on your bolt head.

It's possible your top lag screw could hit a void... if you have sheathing such as blackjack, buffalo board, or gypsum. You should be able to tell when you drill your pilot holes with a drill bit.
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A lag bolt would the more appropriate type of fastner. Use a very small diameter drill and make several test holes to be sure you're hitting silid wood. You can always fills holes silicon.
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Depending on how long those brackets are.... lag bolts into the sheathing are borderline.
You really need to find solid wood.

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