Field Dranage


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Field Dranage

I have a 2 acre field which hold water in several areas. I don't want to have permenate ditches to drain it. I was thinking about installing something like a septic field line to move the water to and existing drainage ditch. Any help with this would be greatful.
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Well, since frost is probably not an issue where you are, drainage pipes are a possibility, however, you will still need gravity and a place to go. Now, Tiger Woods might be able to eyeball the slope and decide where the water needs to go, but I would want to rent a rotary laser level. Very simple to use and create your own elevation map and help you decide if a simple sawle will do what you want or if pipes are needed.

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Drain pipes are often installed in fields in the midwest where crop yeilds are high enough to make it profitable. They basically do what you are describing. A series of perforated pipes like a septic leach field are burried throughout the field with fall to allow gravity to carry the water to a ditch at the edge of the field.

If you have a way to dig the trenches (backhoe, excavator...) it is not a difficult job. A simple survey of the field and ditches before you start would be a good idea. You obviously need to have somewhere for the water flow by gravity.

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