Pond fountain pump help

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Pond fountain pump help

i have done multiple searches for this subject, found similiar, but not an exact answer im looking for..

i need a pump with about 4000 gph, the pond is approx 10 feet deep. i want to be able to put a fountain, any fountain.. could be a shower head, on top of the surface to spray water in air a minimum of 5-10 feet.. just to keep water moving so mosquito's dont live in it.. i have been pricing fountain/pumps and its in the $800-$1500 range.. and its hard to believe it costs that much to spray water in the air

here is a pump i found, but what i dont know is how/what to hook up to it to spray water in air..

4000 GPH Koi Pond & Waterfall Pump Low Energy High Flow (718122165131) | eBay

if someone has an idea w/ equipment i can buy at lowes or home depot, i'd appreciate the response.. we already have 110 power next to pond.. just need a pump and a fountain..

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The pumps you linked to would work.

What you need to figure out is what size openings to use in your spray head.
The pump capacity is shown in GPM @ 5' head.
The head is the flow restriction and head is about 1/2 psi/foot of height.
So the capacity of those pumps are taking into account a back pressure of about 2 1/2 psi.
There are also charts below the pumps for you to calculate the flow for other than a 5' head.

You need to shop for a nozzle that could be fed with whatever pump you chose.
If you look at this nozzle you will see it has specs (in metric) where you can see the capacity and pressure it operates at.
You will have to do some searching for a head that would match the pump you choose.
You might even have a fountain supply store near you where you could find some info or maybe buy a nozzle locally.
You may even find a reasonably priced pump.

If you are handy with copper and brass you could also make a nozzle and experiment with different sized orifices.

I made a very small feature for my wife using a very small pump and a brass garden hose nozzle.
Fed a nozzle with a copper pipe above a small planter for a continuous flow of water.
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appreciate the response... with the pump i noted in 1st thread, i am looking to purchase this nozzle
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extend a 1 1/2" pvc pipe about 10 feet up to water surface, than screw this nozzle into it (have to have a male threaded end on pvc pipe of course)

is it possible i may get a minimum of 10 feet spray into air w/ this setup?

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Another option would be to mount the pump to a float so it is suspended below the water's surface. The spay head would then always be at the right height if the water level changes and it's easily relocated in the pond.

Keep in mind that the pump you are considering will move 4'000 gpm up hill five feet with no restrictions. It is designed to move a high volume of water at low pressure and it's output drops off quickly as the pressure rises until at 21ft of head (about 10 psi) the pump stops moving water altogether. It's a pump better suited for a waterfall but it can be used for a fountain. Just don't expect the Bellagio water show from it.

The spray head you linked does not provide enough information to figure exactly how high a spray you will get or how much water it will flow but it might work. I'd take that listing with a grain of salt. They show pictures of many different fountains, most of which obviously do not use that spray head. They list it as being made of copper but it looks to be brass and their pressure spec in kilopascals sounds like they are just using big words. But 60kpa is about 8.7 psi. Since they don't give a flow rate or orifice size you can't calculate how it will work with your pump but just guessing it's in a range that might work but how high it will spray is just a guess.

Just think of a garden hose. With no nozzle on the end how high will it spray in the air? A lot of water is moving but not going very high. Put a nozzle on the end and the smaller you make the hole in the nozzle the higher it sprays, but less water is flowing.

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