Rain Barrel Set Up


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Rain Barrel Set Up

So I am setting up rain barrels around the yard, one for flower beds the other for a spring veggie garden. I have set up a store bought rain barrel before but I got a hold of some more barrels (car wash barrels). I know some people cut the top so they can install valves but id rather not go that route. Could I cut the hole then use plumbers tape or aquatic silicone on the threads to create a seal? I know you guys like pics so here are a couple, all the white barrels need valves. The three small ones will be fed by a store bought barrel and the 3 larger ones (for the veggie garden) will be fed by a "gutterless" system. The veggie garden barrels will be set up like an irrigation system with pvc running down to the soil.

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You can thread fittings into the ports in the top of those barrels but water will not flow freely from one to the other. You would need to drill holes and connect them together somewhere lower on the barrel which can be a very annoying task. Barrels like you have though I like to turn upside down so the fittings are on the bottom then cut a hole in the top (what used to be the bottom).

I also will add that unless you use a pump you will need an outlet somewhere on the bottom of the barrel and the barrels will need to be raised so you can draw water by gravity much like your other barrel. Higher is usually better since it allows you to get taller buckets underneath and if you go high enough it opens the possibility of using a hose. The "gotcha" is if you want your existing barrel to feed these new ones. Their height will have to be lower than the existing one and each barrel in line should (but not required) step down a bit in height so each can flow by gravity into the next.

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