Goat Milk

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Goat Milk

Can anyone suggest anything that can be added to goat's milk so it want be quite as tangy or goaty tasting . it's not that bad just a little tang taste that my wife doesn't like.Thanks for any advice
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Double the amount of vodka should do it.
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We had Dairy Goats when we first moved to Vermont (Nubian, Alpines, and Oberhasll) and my Wife says that the taste of the milk bears a direct relationship with the nature of the pasture the Goats are grazing (or browsing) on. If they are allowed to intake a lot of dandelions, wild onions or skunk cabbage, then they'll output a milk that carries more of a bite with it (which is often suitable for making some unique cheeses).

If it's a mild taste that you'd like, then restricting the Goats to just grass (easier said than done) will produce a more plain product.

Goats can survive well on plain grasses . . . . and it's not true that they'll eat anything and everything; but they'll certainly experiment with anything new that they come across. You may not even know that you had some strongly flavored weeds/plants/herbs/spices growing on your property until you detect it in the next day's milk. Luckily, it's not a permanent flavor change.

I have a Real Estate Office on this same farm where we used to have Goats; but that was incompatible with their interest in playing King of the Mountain and being tempted to climb up on the hood and roof of every Customer's Car or Truck when it came on the property . . . . so thay had to go !

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Goat Milk

Try eggs and vanilla to make eggnog.

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