Mahindra 3525 tractor problems


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Mahindra 3525 tractor problems

This Mahindra 3525 is used a lot for brush hogging and small acerage farming. Recently, if it is shut off after running for awhile, it may or may not restart a few minutes later. When this happens all electrical seems to be dead, no dash lights or headlights.

Now the strange thing... if a battery terminal is removed and then stuck back in place.... the power is back and it will start right up and run fine!
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That is a strange problem. I'm sure with a wiring diagram we could help you figure it out. I tried locating a diagram and found out it's in a +$100 service manual..... not me.

Do you have the diagram or know where to find it online ?
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Wish I had the electrical diagram, so far I've found a few free ones on line for Mahindra tractors but not this model. I'm sure that conceptually the wiring for all these would be similar, but the ones I find are to blurry to blow up big enough to read.
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Since it's affecting everything electrical on the tractor I'd first search for a master solenoid. Maybe it's getting sticky especially when hot after it's been energized for a while. It will hold but once it get's hot it's stuck and can't pull in the contact until it's cooled. Do you every recall hearing a subtle "click" sound somewhere when you turn the key to the run position?
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Battery Cable

if a battery terminal is removed and then stuck back in place
Are you saying you can remove a battery cable from the battery terminal and then re-attach it? Sounds like a bad cable connection.
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With everything being dead, I'm thinking connections as well, so probably not too hard to find. Top or side post battery connections? Clean them good either way, but if top post look at your clamps close to make sure they are actually tightening onto the posts. Sometimes you will get crud built up in the clamp so that it feels like it's tight, but it's not so on the posts. Also check where your ground cable bolts onto the frame; remove that bolt and clean the end of the cable and the metal it is bolted to.
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Mahindra 3525

Two items:
1.) The electrical circuit schematic is in the back of Owner's Manual. Do you still have yours? You would not need a service manual for that. I've used it quite a few times.
2.) The only time my 3525 went totally dead electrically was right after a session of brush hogging some 4 - 6 foot tall salt cedars. The tractor didn't turn off during the cutting, but would not start again after I turned it off. After following many circuits in the electrical system, I learned about what happens if the PTO switch is messed up (a small gold-ish rectangular box underneath the left side of the seat. I hoped that I would not have to replace it. After taking it apart (not too tough) I found that one of the lead wires had simply snagged on the salt cedars along the way, and it had come loose. Plugged it back in, and all power restored.
The lesson learned? Sometimes the things you are cutting down can pull on ANY of the wiring, and kill the electrical circuit. Look for any wire, little or large, that may have gotten snagged loose.

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