cheap points or distributor?


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cheap points or distributor?

My tractor didn't want to start this morning and when I checked the points they were completely closed up. I had to open them up all the way to get close to the spec'd .025 gap. What is happening is the little rubbing block that runs over the lobes keeps wearing down to just about nothing. The rubbing block on the points that came with the distributor broke off within an hour or two. This is the second set that has worn down - and I just installed this distributor back in early spring. Is it possible for the distributor shaft/lobe to put extreme wear on the points? Or are all the points sold today junk? Even the points NAPA sells are from Mexico.
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The points sold today are probably not of a greater quality then they used to be.
Are you putting grease on the lobes of the distributor ?
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You need to put a good size dab of grease on the back side of the rubbing block, point sets used to come with a capsule of grease in the box but not anymore.
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You're straining my memory a bit here Mark, and I sold my 8N a few years ago so can't walk out and look at it, but I'm thinking that the dwell angle could possibly be a factor. Typically dwell would affect the length of time that the points are closed, and this is nothing that I recall ever considering, not to mention that dwell would generally be a non-factor on that old girl, but if the points are positioned one way or the other too far is seems possible that the lobes could be sort of slamming into the side of the block on the points rather than riding under it like they should.
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I lube the block when it comes with points, some do and some don't. The NAPA ones usually have the little capsule. I didn't think the dwell was adjustable on a ford ?? I forgot to mention my tractor is a 1953 NAA [golden jubilee] With the old original distributor I always got 1-2 yrs out of a set of points. I suppose the points could be opening/closing too hard but what would be the fix?

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