using latex metallic paint on wall


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Question using latex metallic paint on wall

I paid almost $50 for some green-gold metallic latex paint and I don't know how to use it! I've got three walls painted green and want to highlight the 4th wall using the metallic paint to sort of sparkle. I've tried thinning it with clear glaze, mixing it with the green paint I used on the walls, and rubbing it on plain. It just looks dirty! Any ideas? I don't want to paint the entire 4th wall with it, just stripes or something.
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1.What brand is the paint?

2.What tool are you using to apply it to the wall (i.e. mini-roller, sponge, brush, etc)

3.Also, are you trying to get a trasluscent look so you can still see the original paint through the metallic paint, or would full coverage be the goal for your stripes?
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The brand is Modern Masters. The metallic paint collection, color is called green gold. I have tried rubbing it on with a cloth and painting it on with a brush...perhaps I need a roller? or a better or different type of brush? I would like to achieve a translucent look so that it is not real obvious, but is different than the other walls. Thnx for any help.
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We use Modern Masters quite a bit, so I think I can help...

First, make sure your green wall is a green that is compatable with the other words, if you have a blue green, it's probably going to fight with the green gold. Test it on a piece of poster board first before you put it on the wall. Get poster board, paint your base paint (wall paint) on the shiny side of the board and then put your MM over it.

Now, if you want it to have atransluscent look, mix the MM 1 part paint to 4 or 5 parts glaze. Roll the glaze mixture onto your striped area with a mini roller (use a terry cloth roller, NOT foam)

Then pat out any roller lines with a damp (NOT wet) terry cloth towel. You can use a wash cloth if that's all you have handy.

That should get the results you're after.

Again, let me stress the importance of making sure your base coat color and your glaze color are compatible...certain colors "fight" each other and will look "muddy" no matter what!

Keep us posted!
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metallic latex paint

Thanks for the info...I'll give it a shot and let you know.
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Smile Metallic Paint

Hi, Adele. I am using some of the MM paint now. When I bought it at the Benjamin Moore store, I asked the salesman for glaze. He said, "You're not going to use glaze with that, are you? If you do, you'll lose the metallic effect. That paint is meant to go right on the wall from the container, just like any other latex paint." I noticed you said you had mixed it with a glaze, so that may be detracting from the effect you're seeking.

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