replacing chain link fence.


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replacing chain link fence.

I am a new homeowner and would like to replace the chain link fence aroung my house with something better lookiing and more private.

Can anyone give me advice? What types of fences last the longest? <I am assuming vinyl and/or wrought iron are the ones with longevity.>
Are they worth it for the cost? I have about 85 feet to cover...

Any advice welcome!
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Short of masonry, chain link probably outlasts everything else. The cost of chain link is hard to beat. The rest of the wood options are primarily aesthetics and costs: bare, painted, stained. Vinyl is attractive, durable, and expensive. Masonry can be a nice touch to the overall appearance of the property.

Hope this helps.
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I had your exact same issue recently. I put up a wood fence before I knew of this website. Had I known then what I know now, this is what i wouldve done. I had 4ft tall chain link fence. I would have removed the fencing and left the posts. next i would have rented a portable welder and welded extensions to those existing posts--much better than wood and already where i needed posts to be. then i wouldve capped ea metal post, then wrapped them w/ 1 x 4's, to look like wood posts. For the 2x4x8 nailers (horizontal boards), i wouldve used the smt brackets for attachment to these posts, then put up the 1x6 picket boards w/ 2" screws for wood to wood and longer tech screws for wood to metal post. this wouldve been the smartest and least expensive option i couldve used economically . I'm kicking myself right now, because i uprooted all my metal posts that were already mounted in concrete and stupidly installed a compleley wood, posts and all, wood privacy fence, when i already had better posts in the ground that only needed welded extenstions. you live and learn thankfully, i dont think I'll still be at this house 10-15 yrs from now, when the wood posts start to rot out.
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usually chain link posts are much thinner metal than post for privacy fences, because chain links don't catch much wind, if you install a privacy fence you will need more support for the panels. check into rough sawn cedar boards, i bought 14' x 12" rough cedar and cut them in half to make a 7 ft privacy fence about 22 years ago, and have only had to replace about 20 of them out of a 265 ft long fence. i also used 3 x 4 landscape timbers for the posts, drilled post holes 8 in by 3 ft deep, with 1 ft of gravel under them and concrete around for support, set 8 ft apart, with 3 stringers of pressure treated 2x4's has stood up to oklahoma winds and sun for just over 22 years. have had to replace 12 of the posts in that time but my neighbors store bought panel privacy fence has been replaced 3 times in that time period. so i am money ahead.

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A better looking fence is a personal touch only you could answer. In regards to my opinion, Wood is nice looking, but mostly if you purchase a white or red cedar. Redwood fences are beautiful, but costly... still , depending on where you live Redwood may not be as costly as other places. And it lasts for a very long time.
Some people love a stockade fence, some people hate it !
Some people love chain link... I personally feel chain link has its place. That to be determined by the surrounding yard, yards and or the community as well.
Privacy, well that all depends. Are you looking for a 5' , 6' or higher fence?
Are you looking for total privacy?
Are you allowed to install something that high?

I would find out what your town code allows and then work from there .
Cost factors are not as much to one person as they are to another. You may have a few extra dollars to spend on one material verses the other,,,, and that again is based on your own personal feeling about the look of that one material verses the other.
Considering all of the above, I think you should go to the town, find out how high you can install... How high you would like to install... what materials of fencing that look acceptable to you and then after you feel you have a few base line answers, then you can shop around for the differences in those materials you have come to decide on.
Chain link is no longer the cheaper fence.
Wood sometimes is a cheaper fence, but that depends on what type of wood you buy, or the quality of its cut.
PVC is a longer lasting fence, but sometimes the cost does not justify the longevity of its life. That is a personal thing...
Aluminum, wrought iron, and or steel has no privacy but it may , depending on the material , last forever . Or for-ever as long as that can be.

Much depends upon you... your surroundings, your general climate and or your price range.

Give us an idea where you live and then the posters that know that area would be able to give better advice.

Good luck

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