Anchoring 4x4 wood post to concrete


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Anchoring 4x4 wood post to concrete

I need to install a 6' wide gate on the side of my house. I'm going to split it into two 3' sections. One of the post will anchor against the wall of the house. Unfortunately, the other side doesn't have any sort of support. What is the best way to anchor a 4x4 post into an existing concrete walkway? It has to suppose a 3' wide x 5' high wood gate.

I looked at some of the bolt system they have at the hardware store but it is not recommended for fence post. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
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To install a gate post on concrete, I would cut the concrete, bore a hole for the post, and set it in concrete. The load on a gate post is substantial. I imagine that trying to mount it to the surface would be fraught with problems.
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What Chris said -- don't EVEN surface mount that post!

Cut the concrete, dig a hole, and embed the post in the wet concrete.

Personally, I would use a metal post (2-3/8" terminal post from HD or Lowes that you'll find in the chain link fence stuff) rather than a wood post. You'll be replacing a wood post about every 10 to 15 years. A metal post will wear out a half dozen gates!!!
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Thank you for the advice. I was hoping to avoid the concrete cutting part but it sounds like the best approach.
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It can be done, but I agree with digging the hole. Get a concrete saw and saw a 12x12" square in the concrete (doesn't have to be all the way though), break it out, dig a hole at least 12" deep and set the post in fence post concrete. You can pour the concrete in dry, make sure your post is plumb and then wet it down thrououghly, a couple of times. Wait one more full day to do any more work on the post. If you set the post on Monday, don't finish it up until Wednesday. You can, however, get quick-setting concrete and finish much quicker, but I never recommend it where a gate post is concerned.

If that isn't feasible, the next best bet would be to use a metal post as one poster suggested. Go to a local chain link supplier (not Lowe's or Home Depot- go to a REAL supplier. Get a metal post of at least 2 1/2" (not tubing)and have him weld a 6x6 flange on the bottom. The flange will have four holes in it for mounting into the cement. He can explain how it's done and probably even provide you with the necessary mounting bolts.

I hate using surface mounts with posts.......especially where gates are involved. It's always better to dig, brother, dig .

However, it sounds like you will be able to attach a small caster to the bottom of the gate, which will take a lot of weight off the subject! As an old boy once said, "Take my advice and do as you please"

BTW, is anyone else noticing a blank "pull down" box with arrow appearing on the bottom part of this screen when composing a message?


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