vinyl lattice privacy screen


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vinyl lattice privacy screen

I live in a townhouse with a very small concrete patio (8'x8'). My neighbor's car skirt is right on the side of the patio. I would like to create some kind of privacy screen to block that view as well as the view of my next door neighbor's house. The association does not allow anything put into the ground, affixed to the house or over 5' high (ugh).
A friend came up with this idea and I'd like some opinions on whether it's really workable.
Sink vinyl fence posts into a planter filled partially with concrete. These planters would sit on my patio. Attach vinyl lattice to the posts (with screws??). Fill the remainder of the planter with dirt and plant a vine to grow up the lattice. I guess I would need to put some pipe in the concrete to allow for water drainage. I would use vinyl to hold up to the elements and to blend in with the white siding of the house.
Would this hold up against occasional gusts of wind (I'm in IL...)? Anyone see any downfalls to this or have any better suggestions? I would plant large bushes instead, but I'm looking for a more immediate solution so I can enjoy some time outside this summer.

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Welcome to and the 'Fence' forum.

Most folks start out with the easy stuff and work up from there. But I can see that your future questions are going to get easier, given the restrictions that your homeowners assn. has put on this one!! (LOL!!)

A "planter" along the edge of the patio, and using that to support your posts will work. But since your patio is only 8 X 8 to begin with, the planter has to be narrow enough so that it doesn't kill the little patio space you have. I'm thinking the "planter" can't be more than 1' wide.

Start with the posts and anchor them to the concrete slab, with their center in about 6" from the edge. That part is easy. Using the vinyl lattice panels attached to those posts for privacy is easy too. The trick is to figure out what to make the WALLS of the "planter" out of that will give you a wide enough "planter" to grow a shrub or vine in, but still be a foot wide so it doesn't kill your patio area, and, at the same time, the dirt in the "planter" won't rot it out.

Wood is out -- the dirt will rot it. Masonary is out -- it would have to be too thick, and you wouldn't have any space lft for the dirt. Trex, or some other composite might be the perfect solution.


3 posts -- one at each end and one in the center. Between each post, mortar in 2 stacks of 3 red bricks about an inch in from the edge of the slab. The bricks are 8" long -- that will leave you a "planter" that is 8" wide inside. Fur the sides of each post out (with Trex) so you can use that as another attachment point for the Trex. Attach a 5/4" Trex or similar composite along the edge of the slab to one end of you brick 'columns and to the posts, and another to the inside end of the 'columns'. This will leave you 3 little "planters" between each post -- fill them with dirt. You'll probably have to use a vine, rather than a shrub in the planter -- I doubt that you'll have enough dirt to support a shrub. But it should work!!
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