Beginning contractor help PLEASE(?)!


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Beginning contractor help PLEASE(?)!

For four years, I've been working as a helper building fences. I've finally decided that i want to work for myself, and that i know this field well enough to aspire in it. Could someone please help me with a few things (?):

1. I've been having a hard time figuring out my labor fees...i don't want to be unreasonably high....but yet, i don't want to short myself. I live in nj also, if that helps to determine.

2. I am already filed as self employed, and plan on filing my business name come the fall....any tips on doing so?

Any words of advice for someone just starting out? I could use all the help i could get, and it is greatly appreciated...Thanks!
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its great and all that you want to work for yourself. But can you get enough work to earn as much money as you do now?

do you plan on supplying the fence, or are you just going to install it for a larger company?

You will need to look into sales tax, and workers comp.

And your laboring fees will be based on lineal footage.
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hello, die8471
Going out on your own will be very frustrating for the first few years. You'll find that you dont know as much as you thought you did about the backgrounds of the biz, no matter what it is. Or at least thats the way it was for me. the number one thing to consider when talking about rates is you have to figure out what your time is worth , then consider how much you need to make taking all costs of materials ,wages, and expenses to get the job completed. Dont think anybody is going to q you in on what you should charge the only person that can figure that out is you

i dont know much about the legal ends of your second question my wife takes care of all that for me

but i hope this helps you out

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Do you have your contractor's license? If not, take the test and get it. NJ laws are probably different than CA laws, so you'll have to check into that -- specifically to find out at what point you would need to be a licensed contractor to build a fence. Virtually every fence that you would be building is going to be more than $500, labor and material, and in CA, that is the point at which you have to be a licensed contractor to do a fence or any other project for a customer.

How much you charge is going to be determined by your costs of doing business. Material, labor, and any other direct costs, plus your overhead (costs like insurance, office expenses, etc.) and profit.
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Thanks alot to everyone who posted back to this. The information you've provided will definately be a help. Thanks again!
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