Dogs Under Chain Link Fence


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Dogs Under Chain Link Fence

My dogs have started escaping the yard by going under the chain link fence. They don't really dig out - they sort of squeeze out.

Any ideas about it? I'm at a loss. I suppose I cound replace the fence with a 6 footer, with 3 feet of it underground, but I'm hoping for less work than that.

Stupid dogs.

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Not the expert here but if the dogs are not digging, that tells me the fence is flexing to let them squeeze out. May have to put something like tent stakes (they have a hook on the top) into the ground, attached to a couple places on the fence along the ground. This will stiffen up the distance between posts. I have also seen chicken wire bent into an "L" shape and wired to the fence and staked to the ground to keep non-digging animals out. A one foot wide strip worked well. Good luck an watch this post for the experts answers.
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I have installed a chain link fence for someone with a dog that thought it was a backhoe.
I did what Majak suggested by tying on a piece of fence at the bottom.
After the main fence was erected I used a rototiller along the inside of the fence line and raked back the surface.
The place I ordered the fence from had some lighter guage fencing material, 2' high that I tied to the bottom.
I then backfilled the tilled area and the owner sodded it.
Dog made a mess of the sod but after the first week gave up.

Call around and you may be able to find some mesh to use for this just make sure you use something heavier than chicken wire as i don't think it would stand up.
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If the dog isn't digging like you stated then you could put a tension wire along the bottom of the fence. Then you would just wire tie the fence to the tension wire. You can get tension wire at big box stores or fence supplier. Just make sure to make it tight or it won't help much.
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Thanks for all the advice. I think the tension wire along the bottom is probably what I will try first.
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