135 degree fence post

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135 degree fence post

This is kind of hard to explain but I'll do my best. I want to construct a custom railing post out of 4 by 4 cedar for a 135 degree corner on a deck. I need to rip two 4 by 4's lengthwise at 67.5 degrees to achieve this (I will then fasten them together to create "one" post with 2 square faces) but my table saw will only cut 2.5 inches deep at that angle.
I am reluctant to do the cut and flip because these have to have perfectly flat surfaces in order to fit them together properly. I can never get the two cuts to meet exactly.
The question is how do I make a "table saw" cut at 67 degrees at a 4.5 inch depth?
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could you put a square 4x4 in then box it with 1x to give you the look you want ?

I thik I would be looking tword that

or find somebdy with a decent bandsaw to cut the 4x for you
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I drew thi sout and I think I see what your doing.

Two things.

One, I have a fence that has about that angle and all I did was put the post in flush with the front post (the side that is seen more) . Then , when I fastened the rails, one was square to it. The other one, coming off the angle just fit in at an angle. It looks perfectly neat and as it should. The key is to have the two rails meet at the corner of the 4x4. Think about that.

Two, if you really want that angle in the post, instead of using two posts in that corner just use one and cut the angle off. It wont need to be as steep as a 67.5 and your saw should be able to do it. For example draw your obuse angle on paper.Then draw your square in that corner until you have gotten it positioned so that you can cut the least amount off of the 4x4 but still have enough meet to secure your rail. Use graph paper and do it to scale so you can be accurate.

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