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I am attempting to construct a flowerbed border made of natural stone. I've tried everything I know to get the top of the border level, Needless to say, I need some help. The border is approximately 2o ft in length and has " S " shape. The sidewalk borders the front of the bed and the house is the backdrop. From the porch moving to the right there is a drop in elevation of ap. 1 ft. I didn't think this was rocket science but maybe I misjudged.
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You can rent a surveyors level/transit. Make sure they show you how to use it.

Get a long section of clear tubing. 3/8" or 1/2" works best, but cheaper 1/8" acquarium tubing also works (but you must wait longer for the water to find it's level). Fill the tubing with water so the water comes about a foot away from each end of the tubing. Take one end of the tubing to each end of your wall and let it sit for a minute. The water at each end of the tube will be at the same level. You can measure up/down from the water level to your wall.
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I used rocks at the bottom of my stones to make a wall. I would dig a place for the stone until it was lower or level with the bottom of the upper level. Then place the new stone on the lower one and level it with the higher stone.

It may be a slow way of doing it, but it worked.
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Set 2 temporary posts at each end of the wall and stretch a piece of mason string between them. Use a line level (cheap) attached to the mason string and adjust till level. A line level hangs right on the string you stretch. Build each layer of the wall and reference the string as you go. You can reset the string line with each course during construction.

If you know someone with a transit, you can determine the exact slope and dig your trench level and build from there. However, a transit is expensive (it is the tool you see surveyors using to map out topography)

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