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Garden Fence


I'm planning to install a fence around a new vegetable garden and plan to use wood posts embedded in concrete at the corners. My wife will not allow me to use any pressure treated wood anywhere near the garden area, regardless of what any government agency or manufacturer says about the safety of such product. I've heard of fir posts being coated with roofing tar before being sunk into the concrete. Can anyone shed any light on this method of preserving the wood, or make any other suggestions regarding treating such posts? Using redwood, or any other pricier wood post, is not any option because of the cost. Such posts run upwards of $50 each in my area vs. $10 for fir. Thanks.
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The roofing tar is just as bad for you as the treated wood. Just make sure the post is bedded on gravel at the bottom, the concrete ends slightly above grade and slopes away from the wood.
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You might use the metal gate posts that go with chain link fence. No rot, no preservatives.
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I'm with Chris -- use 1-7/8" or 2-3/8" steel posts!!

Check the orange or the blue box, but they will cost within a dollar or so of what a PT post would cost.

Wood, (no matter what you do to it!!) is only going to last about 15 years. The metal posts will easily last 50 years or more. (Plus the holes can be a couple inches smaller so you'll use less concrete.)

Now that I think about it, WHY would you put a fence around a veggie garden???

The veggies need as much sun as they can get to grow. A fence is going to cast a shadow -- blocking that all important sunshine.

A fence will keep dogs and rabbits out, people mostly, but it'll never slow down a deer, cat, or any other animal that might be looking for a meal.

My raised beds are 15' away from the nearest fence. That means the trees in the neighbors yards shade the garden BEFORE the fence does!

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