Dog Jumping Fence


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Dog Jumping Fence

I have searched about dog fences in the past week. I got a dog from the pound and he jumps the 4' chain link fence.
I bought an Innotek Basic fence system but haven't installed it yet. It's the time consuming burying part that I hesitate on.
I have heard of electric rope. From a picture I saw it looks like you can run a line of rope near the top of the fence and be done with it.
Plus it looks like it would be more sturdy than the wire you use with the regular dog fences.
As a kid we had electric fences but I didn't pay any attention as to how my dad installed them so I'm not sure what all I'll need- plus I don't want to kill the dog!
Can anyone show me a site that tells how to do it or gives me a list of what all I need? Or maybe someone here has the answers.
Thanks! I LOVE this forum,
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Using a Gallagher fence charging system with properly insulated ribbon tape (imbedded with metal fiber) will help keep him/her at bay. They will first try to sniff the ribbon, since it is a new addition. That sniff will usually do the job. 9000 volts at low amperage, pulsating through the nose is not happy. We used to share one charger among several farms. Set up ribbon on top for horses, charge it for a week and unhook it. Horses have good memories, as do dogs. They always thought it was charged, even though it wasn't.
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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Fences

In a general sense, the best way to stop your dog from jumping the fence is positive re-enforcements. Reward your dog for staying away from the fence, and correct him for going near it. Also learn the Off command, and state this to your dog as he readies to jump a fence. If well trained, the dog will think better of it and not jump over the fence even when you're away.

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RE-enforcements are fine if you are there 24 hours a day to do the re-enforcing. No dog will stay away from a fence with a rabbit on the other side. Of course in the city, you may not have that natural phenomenon, but in the country, niceties have to take a back seat to practicality. The charged ribbon is not there to harm them, but it POSITIVELY deters them from jumping fences. Pavlov had it right, but the rats got fat and died of obesity from being rewarded too much.
Oh, yeah, welcome to the forums!
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Electric fences work great... makes neighbors nervous at first

We had a bad winter a few years back and with all the snow my dog learned to walk over the top of the fence. As the snow melted he learned to jump higher and higher. I installed the cheapest electric fence I could find in the spring and the first time HE jumped and dragged his belly on the the wire was the last time. I left the $29 charger on for a few weeks and then removed it and the wire. I used surveyors wood stakes to support the wire.
This was in a residential area, and the kids were young, so the mother of one of their friends stopped by to make sure I was not going to electrocute her child. I had to grab the fence to prove it was safe...... if you grab fast and hold on its not to bad.
Gotta love city people.........Terry
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