Help problem with wooden fence gate


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Help problem with wooden fence gate

I put up this privacy fence ,It was the first time I have ever done this and I did a great job with it I am very proud of my fence .Except for one miner detail when I built my gate I used 2 full fence panels as a double gate .I got it not to drag by using cable and turnbuckles but my problem lies with the top of the gate pushing out .It looks like the gate is about to fall over .Can someone help me figure out how to bring the top back in to straighten it up .So it looks good I tried more turnbuckles to try to pull it in and even got a 20' pole andtried to put it across so that at least when not in use it looks like it is straight but it just pulled the pole with it .All I need it to comes is 8inchs back on the top only..please Help
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Is the post that holds the gate plumb? Use a level to check. It sounds like it may have pulled the post. If the post is plumb, the check the gate on the post side. If that's plumb and the gate still isn't straight, then it's racked.
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gravity is against u. The panels are secured at the bottom but the panels flex is too great. U will need to re-inforce the panels. If the full panels are not strengthened with diagonal bracing from top to bottom it won't hold. R the panels 6 foot tall? That is alot of wood to hold up in the air from one edge. It may improve when the wood dries out( assuming it was green and soaking wet). two 8 foot panels is kind of rare I just don't believe many people even try it.
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Using two full sections of fence to make a double gate is trouble in the making. Even if you manage to correct your problem you will be facing a lifetime of issues with keeping your fence from sagging, warping and or even aligning themselves up with each other and the locking device.
As always , I suggest using a steel frame to support a wood gate of this size. Doing so is much easier than fixing each problem as they arise .
For one, you would need a chain link gate frame of the same size as the rails of the existing wood gate you have built. Drilling holes through the steel gate and in the same place through the wood rails of the wood gate. Using carriage bolts , washers and nuts attach the two frames together.
The steel frame will likely not sag but if the weight of the wood frame is too heavy it may... in that case using those turnbuckles on the steel frame rather than the wood frame would bring it all back to plumb again.
If you go back into the past posts you will see many posts and ideas that would help you in this project.. I do not have the only idea and there are many other ideas that may be to your liking.

Good luck.
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