Installing Vinyl Fence Posts


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Installing Vinyl Fence Posts

I'm installing about 15 feet, 2 1/2 panels, of 6 ft tall vinyl fencing. If I cement all 4 posts, do I need to use rebar in the endposts? The posts are 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 so a 4 x4 wood post is too small if inserted. Can I just put the vinyl post in cement filling the inside to the top of the hole or will that waver too much?
Fence is from Lowes and the manufacturer doesn't say much.

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fill the posts if you want, i would the end posts for sure, with the rebar, and cement the posts in the ground, if you cement the posts rebar is cheap insurance for breakage. some of the vinyle posts are thin enough that without cement inside you will get a lot of wobble. and cement is cheap

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I am familiar with this fencing sold by lowes.

In regards to filling the posts with cement... That you can do if you like. It is not necessary though. If you were installing a gate in between those sections I would suggest filling the posts, but otherwise, filling the inside of the posts as well as having a concrete base in the ground in my opinion, is overkill.

Yes, what speedwrench says about wobble is true... The fence will sway in the wind. Most fences sway in the wind, but PVC has a tendency to really sway because it is so lightweight above ground ... But it would take a lot of wind , or more so a hurricane to blow it down. (This is only true if you use a significant amount of cement in ground.) I am typically in ratio to a bag of concrete, I am around 2 - 2 1/2 80 lb bags per post. On gate posts I am closer to about 4 -80 lb bags, Plus I may cement inside the posts depending on the specific job application.

As for the use of 4 x 4 wood... I would say the use of 4x4's would also be applicable.
Yes they are smaller than the inside measurement of the PVC post, but the wood post being smaller would not matter at all because the brackets will be screwed into the posts on both ends of the PVC... either way the screws will go through the PVC and they will screw right into the wood post insert. This happening will help the PVC post stand strong in the typical wind storm,,,, giving the fence more rigidity .

In regards to the amount of work for one verses the other... Well the 4x4s being added in are just a matter of putting them into the posts and installing the fence as you would without them...

The cement, is a matter of mixing , and then carefully pouring it into the post from the top. Doing so while making sure not to pour it all over the fence at the same time. If you do get it on the fence I would suggest cleanup as soon as possible.
I would also suggest using rubber gloves. More than likely you will be tempted to take handfulls of the cement and put it inside.
Been there , done that ... Many , many times.

Depending on the areas you live; the wood post option may be cheaper... definitely faster and without a doubt cleaner.

But true, the cement will be a wall of cement in the end . Worthy of the most typical rain or wind storm.

With cement , please be carefull of freezing temperatures... If water somehow gets into the post and has no place to drain off, it will puddle then it will freeze inside the post. That would be really bad. The post will crack and replacement would be a matter of you trying to figure how to remove screws from a cemented post . The you would have to manage removing a post that weighs about 380 lbs on the bare minimum.

I do like the wood option better , especially if there are no gates being installed.

Good luck.

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Thanks greg and wrench for the quick replies.

You've convinced me that it shouldn't be a disaster however I do it. But I think I'll go with the 4x4 or nothing at all. It's a short length and the sway won't bother me as long as it holds up. I'm not usually outside in high winds.

Good advice - rubber gloves.

I'm glad I joined. Thanks again.
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