Post by house for custom fence


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Post by house for custom fence

I am having a custom fence installed. It isn't your standard picket type fence. It is a stepped fence. Also, the stringers are attached on the inside of the posts on both sides of the fence so each side (outside and inside) will look identical when completed. The pickets are between the stringers. See attached photo

I have two holes dug by either side of the house right up to the house which exposes some of the foundation as the hole is somewhere around 1 1/2 feet and on top of the foundation. The hole is dug beyond the foundation by about 4 inches and dug deeper than the adjacent foundation. Will the posts be structurally safe to cement right up against the house? To bring the posts out away from the house so that cement can completely surround the bottom of the post will ruin the look of the fence as I wouldn't know what to put between the post and outside wall of the house. BTW, these posts are 6' X 6' X 8' posts. If you should happen to suggest that the posts be somehow secured to the house, please elaborate how might that be done.

I would really like to know the professional way of doing this. It turns out that I have evidently hired a company that hasn't dealt with this before.

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There is no reason to attach the post to the house and you can put it as close to the house as you want.
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Do I understand the post correctly? Your fence company has dug out a hole near the house, down 18 inches and there is the top of the foundation at 18 inch mark... so they dug down a little past the foundation on the very outside?

Ok ,, if that is the case.. One more question

Is that wood fencing ? or is it a fabricated poly type of material? plastic, fiber board, or maybe composite?

If it is wood, you can either cement it or not... that is completely up to you or the installer. Tamping a wood post is sufficient.
Only in certain circumstances should you cement.

In any case, there is nothing wrong with cementing against the house foundation. If you choose to or feel more comfortable with not having the base for the post and the foundation being cemented together you can use a couple of pickets to separate the cement base from the foundation. The cement will adhere to the pickets, but the pickets would not adhere to the foundation. So if you ever wanted to pull the post it would be fairly easy to do so.

In regards to your fence company never having this experience before.... All I can say to that is they must be very new to fencing... as this is a very common residential/commercial job occurance.

Good luck... I hope it all works out for you .

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